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"The main character. Zephyr is a young Augurer from the Lindblum town of Neirbrook who looks after Winter, a white chocobo belonging to his sister Ezra. Zephyr's father was an Ivalician dragoon. He is very carefree and loves to have fun and go on adventures. The safety of his friends is paramount to him. He is a fledgling swordsman."
—Official description.[1]

Zephyr Highwind is the protagonist in Blackmoon Prophecy II.



Zephyr is a tall man with silver hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue bandana on his forehead, a blue jacket with dark yellow trim, grey pants and bracers, and brown shoes.


Despite losing his sister, Zephyr is an outgoing and active man, sometimes telling jokes and making funny comments. He is dutiful regarding his promises, like the one regarding to keep Winter safe. Zephyr is also considerate of others, like seen in case of Bolt, a boy dreaming to become a superhero, whom he allows into the team as he doesn't want the boy to suffer because of his dream.


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Early life[]

One day, Zephyr and Ezra went to a forest, but the woman went off and Zephyr began his search for her. At the time when he found her, he came when Ezra was tending a white chocobo chick. She told him that they're taking her back home and take care of her as she has lost her mother. Zephyr pretends that he doesn't really go well with birds, but Ezra put on her own and takes Winter, as she had called the white chocobo, with her saying they they will both look after her.

Some time later, Ezra is sent off to Darnecles Castle to help fight off the rebels from Berona. The operation succeeds, but she dies leaving Winter and Zephyr who promises to keep the chocobo safe.

At some point, Zephyr enlisted the Augurers in Lindblum City in order to be able to support himself and the chocobo.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

When Zephyr sleeps, a person calls his name to wake him up and informs that an Augurer from Lindblum City arrived shocking him. When Zephyr lets the Augurer, he introduces himself to the young man as Reiner Ardell. The man informs him that he was appointed by Cid Beryl to accompany and co-operate with him on the mission in Dawnmarch regarding an esper Ixion presence and villagers fear of their lives.



Level HP MP Vigor Stamina Magic Spirit Speed Tenacity
1 217 35 29 19 20 20 18 14
10 755 95 55 32 43 39 45 32
20 1,427 161 83 46 67 60 75 52
30 2,175 226 111 60 92 80 105 71
40 2,999 292 139 74 116 101 135 91
50 3,901 358 167 88 141 121 165 110
60 4,879 424 195 102 166 142 195 130
70 5,933 490 223 116 190 163 225 150
80 7,065 555 251 130 215 183 255 169
90 8,273 621 279 144 239 204 285 189
99 9,426 680 304 156 261 222 312 206



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Level Ability Effect LP
1 Exploder Summons a Bomb to detonate on one enemy. Fire elemental. 60
15 Big Guard Summons an Ironite to induce protect on one target and remove all status conditions. 70
30 Moon Beam Summons a Cord Dragon to damage all enemies. Holy elemental. 90
45 Squallbreaker Summons a Zemzelett to damage all enemies. Ignores all defense. Wind elemental. 100

Creation and development[]

As opposed to the first game, which emulated old Final Fantasy games before characters had fleshed out personalities, UPRC aims to make each character feel very unique in terms of personality in Blackmoon Prophecy II. All of the character personalities in the game are slightly based on other characters from the Final Fantasy series. Zephyr is based on Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX.[1]


Zephyrus, also known as "Zephyr," is the Greek god of the west wind.

"Highwind" is a word commonly associated with dragoons in the Final Fantasy series.