Ability Article
Ability Article

Ultima is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, usually classified as a Black Magic spell with the exception of Final Fantasy II where it is classified as a White Magic spell. It is often the most powerful spell in the game, hitting all enemies for non-elemental damage, which can ignore defense, Reflect and any other protection. Ultima usually manifests as an explosive sphere of blue or green energy consuming opponents.


Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

Ultima can be obtained through a vague sidequest or by reaching level 80 with Oalston. Only Oalston can learn this spell, and it can be the most damaging attack in the entire game depending on the enemy formation. Ultima is the only attack in Blackmoon Prophecy that is guaranteed to hit for 9999 non-elemental damage every time it is used. It costs 150 MP to cast, though this can be cut down to 75 MP if Oalston equips the Gem Box accessory.

Final Fantasy DiscoveryEdit

Ff discovery blackmagicUltima is the most damaging Black Magic spell in the game. It costs 80 MP to cast, cannot be reflected, can pierce through Shell, and it ignores target's Magic Defense. It is one of only two Black Magic spells that Wedge Farron does not learn naturally by gaining levels. With the use of the Key Item, Enterprise, Ultima is capable of breaking the damage limit.

Its damage formula is as follows:

$ Damage = 150 * 4 + (User's Level * User's Magic * 150 / 32) * (255 - 0) / 256 + 1 $