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Ability Article

Steal is primarily used by the Thief class, and involves stealing an item from an opponent. Its upgrade, Mug, deals damage and steals in the same turn. In some official games, if a player steals an item from an opponent, it will not drop items after battle.


Final Fantasy DiscoveryEdit

The Steal command is the special Command Ability of Cid Marquez in Final Fantasy Discovery. When used, the user will attempt to steal an item from the enemy. Each enemy can carry up to four different items, so stealing from the same enemy multiple times is possible.

Certain pieces of equipment, like the Thief's Bracer and Blue Bandana can increase the success rate of Steal. Alternately, the Brigand's Glove Relic allows Cid to change his Steal command to Mug, allowing a physical attack while simultaneously attempting to steal an item from the target.

Success RatesEdit

The success rate of steal is based on user's Stamina and Speed statistics, as well as those of the intended target. Each item that the user can steal also has its own percentage rate of success that is factored in. For instance, one enemy may allow a Potion to be stolen 80% of the time, while another enemy may only allow a Potion to be stolen 10% of the time. Each enemy has their own settings when it comes to the difficulty of stealing their items.