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Soraan Junleel, later known as Murasan,' is the secondary antagonist of Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno. He was a mithra Red Mage hailing from the island city of M'Rasu, and later an undead Amber Mage and eidolon to Diabolos.



Soraan was a rugged mithra with brown hair, ears and tail. Who wore a red coat and blue shirt, brown trousers and wielded a rapier as part of his skill set as a Red Mage. After his corruption, his right arms was also encrusted with corrupted crystals.

As Murasan, he hid his old identity behind a deep blue cloak, keeping his face veiled in shadows at all time. He no longer her his rapier, as it was taken by Thanatos Shadowgrasp, and only his tail was visible protruding from the cloak.


Soraan appears a highly driven and ruthless, if haunted, individual who will stop at nothing to ensure he gets what he wants. Before his servitude to Diabolos, he describes himself as aimlessly wandering from job to job, feeling lost and without a purpose, and trying to find meaning in his life.

After meeting Diabolos, he believes he has found his purpose in helping the God destroy the world. How much of this is his own sadism and how much is from the amber coursing through his system is unknown, but whether or not he is acting entirely of his own will, the man he is now enjoys the suffering of others and cares not for the chaos he causes to achieve his goals. As Soraan he is prideful, bordering arrogant, self-assured that he will achieve his goals with nobody able to stop him. He appears fanatically loyal to Diabolos.

After his death and revival as Murasan, his sadistic tendencies only increased. His newfound power enabled him to wreak suffering on a whole new level, especially with his newfound obsession with his own killers, the adventurers who saved M'Rasu. He has also taken a level in manipulation and subterfuge, being far more subtle in his actions and planning out long-term rather than the blunt instrument he was in M'Rasu. He also showcases self-hatred for his former self, seeing 'Soraan' as weak and pathetic compared to his current incarnation.

His loyalty to Diabolos is also more questionable ever since he became Murasan, seemingly pursuing his own unknown agenda, even if his actions appear to defy his master's intent. After Diabolos realised this and punished him, he cast off his Murasan identity and returned to his former brash self, though his rage and sadism only increased towards the group, Ni Ethil in particular.

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Early Life[]

Soraan likely studied at the Academy City of Anomo to become a Red Mage before he started his career as an adventurer. After his graduation, he began to travel the First Enoan Continent as all adventurers are want to do, doing jobs and fighting beasts in return for gil and other necessities of life.

Whatever first drove him to start this profession did not last, however, as Soraan soon found himself heavily depressed and feeling like his life lacked any meaning. He started going from place to place, job to job, as if on autopilot, holding no enthusiasm for adventuring and feelings as if nothing he did even mattered.

One day, his journeys took him to M'Rasu, where he booked into an inn in the docks district. HIs arrival coincided with the creation of the Seat of the Plague, an amber demon that started to spread its corruptive influence that either killed those it infected to bound them to Diabolos' will. Either through infection or his own personal choice, Soraan soon started to use amber crystals to amplify his magic, growing them out of his own right arm, and pledged himself to Diabolos.

He founded the Cult of M'Rasu, leading his forces in trying to convert all others to Diabolos' cause.

Chronicles of Eno[]

Soraan sent an agent outside M'Rasu, successfully smuggling one out with the task of luring in a ship that would contain more potential plague victims in the hopes that they would spread it beyond M'Rasu and its quarantine.

Soraan then sent in a force to attack the inner city while another team was tasked with infecting the river, the city's primary source of drinking water, so as to turn as many people as possible and cause the collapse of the city guards' efforts to stop him. Both of these plots were stopped by a group of adventurers, like he himself once was, who had arrived on the ship his agent had lured in. This grabbed the Red Mage's interest, seeing the newly dubbed 'Heroes of M'Rasu' as prime candidates for conversion. If he could make them loyal to Diabolos, and him, he could use their skills to finally crush the city's remaining defenders.

To this end, he sent out an agent of his to deliberately be captured by the adventurers and 'buckle' under their interrogation, revealing Soraan's location to them. He remained at the location with only a few visible cultists, hiding the others in nearby buildings, laying his trap for the adventurers to spring.

To his delight, they fell for it, being boxed in between several buildings with the ways out almost all blocked off. Using his enhanced magic, and sheer overwhelming force, he nearly captured the adventurers in one fell swoop. However, they managed to break away from the fight at the last moment and escape Soraan, much to his irritation.

Soraan retreated back to his cult's primary hideout in a disused warehouse along the docks, focusing on rebuilding his forces and planning their next move. Before he could, however, the adventurers discovered the cult's location and assaulted it with the full force of M'Rasu's guard regiment. As the fight raged on, Soraan personally confronted the adventurers once more, only this time alone and without the advantage. While he did prove a match for the group, he was ultimately subdued.

In a final attempt to kill them, he pierced his own rapier through his chest and unleashed a barrage of dark magic at the, only for the group to take the hit while leaving himself on the verge of death. Somber and reflective on how he ultimately couldn't best the group, he was killed when Ni Ethil shot an arrow into his head before his body was burnt away by Thanatos Shadowgrasp.


Death was not the end, however, as his master held within himself the stolen powers of the Goddess Phoenix. And with that, the ability to resurrect those who had fallen in battle. Upon his resurrection, Diabolos turned Soraan into an eidolon, gifting the mage a portion of his own strength to continue to be the hand to enact his will upon the mortal world.

Soraan, ashamed at his previous failure, cast off his former name and adopted a new one: Murasan. His newfound power likewise made him more of an Amber Mage than the Red Mage he once was, likewise no longer using a blade due to his being taken by Thanatos previously. He donned a blue robe to hide his identity.

His defeat at the hands of the Heroes of M'Rasu likewise caused him no shortage of resentment towards them, and he started to plot his revenge against the group. Wanting their suffering to be prolonged, he started to concoct a scheme he would describe as his 'game', with the Heroes of M'Rasu on one side of the board and his forces on the other, all pawns in his eyes. His obsession was crafted into a personal agenda, one that conflicted with his formerly unshakable loyalty to Diabolos, though he would keep is endgame veiled beneath shadow and intrigue, and no one truly knew where his true loyalties lay.

His first action as Murasan was to approach the rogue organisation Deviacorp, who were known to be adept at the usage of magitek. On Diabolos' behalf, he manipulated Director Argath into capturing various creatures and subjecting them to experiments involving both amber and magitek with the goal of producing an army of cybernetically enhanced amber demons with which to conquer the nation of Linsallum. He also created an alliance between Deviacorp and the Vinaldi Family, the latter sending teams to the nation of Lapinia to poach the animals required for their experiments.

As this progressed, Murasan would keep an eye on the Heroes of M'Rasu as they travelled with keen interest. He used his new powers to bring the creator of Rocket the Chocobo, Lazarus, back to life so as to use his expertise in their experiments.

Eventually, the adventurers arrived at Deviacorp itself with the intent of stopping their operations. They had heard of Murasan's presence, assuming him to merely be another servant of Diabolos like Soraan had been, not realising he was the man himself. During this, rather than try to defend his new army, he set the already created amber demons on the personnel of Deviacorp with commands to kill everything within. Director Argath, realising he had been betrayed, tried to oppose Murasan, but the mage merely took control of the human's mind and sent him against the adventurers.

The adventures eventually overwhelmed the demons and Argath alike, laying waste to Deviacorp before confronting Murasan. Murasan revealed Lazarus to them before brutally, and cruelly, executing the man in front of Rocket. As the group attacked him, he merely shrugged off their attempts with a smug satisfaction. That is, before Ni Ethil managed to land a hit with a thrown chuck of amber that struck Murasan in the face, shattering his nose. Having had enough, Murasan unleashed his full power, completely devastating the facility and leaving nothing but a creator behind in the aftermath.

He did not kill his former murderers, however, not having finished playing with them yet. He instead moved them elsewhere before they were consumed and left them unconscious. While they had successfully stopped Diabolos' planned invasion of Linsallum, he cared little, and instead started to set up a scheme of his own.

He first went to the Galrion Domain, locating Alicier's predecessor, a Paladin named Elizabeth, who was being held captive by a beast tribe. He appeared before her, planting a parasite into her soul that twisted her into the Chain Angel, a force of destruction that proceeded to level an entire town before she came to her senses.

Before the Adventurers awoke, he then showed Alicier a vision of these events, ensuring that they would investigate Elizabeth in the coming days.

He also issued commands to another servant of Diabolos, the dragon Nilzotol, to begin infecting the nation of Old Vetaya with corrupted crystals and amber demons. With this achieved, he sat back and continued to watch the group's progress, waiting for them to arrive at the next phase of his game.

The group eventually did arrive in the Galrion Domain, finding Elizabeth and Murasan's actions. They attempted to protect the Paladin from Murasan, but in a moment where she was separated form them, the undead mithra kidnapped her and brought the woman to an ancient temple in the Irvion Badlands, sending another vision to Alicier to communicate this. Within the temple lay Hades, another eidolon of Diabolos and Murasan's counterpart from a failed attempt at destroying Eno thousands of years ago. He saw Hades, who remained entirely devoted to Diabolos, as both a rival for his position and obstacle in his own schemes. For this reason, he allowed the group to assist Elizabeth in killing Hades, though in the process they began to realise that Murasan was working against Diabolos when it suited him.

They did strike a small blow against Murasan's plans, however, when they pulled his parasite from Elizabeth, something he had thought impossible. He ultimately decided it mattered little, however, taunting the adventurers by saying that the pieces of his game were almost all in place.

He then returned to Old Vetaya, overseeing Nilzotol's efforts to take the region over. Nilzotol, however, held a heavy dislike for 'the Frame', as he called Murasan. He knew of his obsession with the Heroes of M'Rasu, and suspected his disloyalty towards Diabolos. This served Murasan just fine, however, and he deliberately antagonised the dragon until his pride could take it no longer. Nilzotol lashed out at the adventurers, wanting to see why Murasan was as obsessed as he was. In the ensuing battle Nilzotol was slain and Diabolos' efforts to take Vetay collapsed as a result, but the dragon's death was merely another obstacle removed for Murasan.

The group confronted him once more, though he held no interest in fighting... yet. Ni Ethil questioned him on his actions, noting how he often his deeds proved detrimental to Diabolos' grip on the world and yet were of no concern to the mage himself. Murasan remained enigmatic in his behaviour, though did cryptically let slip that he had a name before Murasan. This allowed Ni Ethil to realise he was Soraan reborn, coming to understand just why Murasan was as obsessed with them specifically as he was.

After he departed, Murasan soon and unexpectedly found himself summoned and punished by his Lord Diabolos. Diabolos had appeared before Ni Ethil in a vision, where the elvaan had countered his taunts by revealing Murasan's duplicitous actions around the first Enoan Continent. Diabolos is displeased by this, causing discord between the two of them and damaging Murasan's plans as he's lost his master's trust.

In retaliation, enraged and ready to stop 'playing' with the party, he follows them through the protective barriers around Leviathan's temple by using the last vestiges of the parasite Alicier had taken from Elizabeth. He kills the temple's guardian and confronts both the group and an eidolon Leviathan was directly controlling. He admits to his identity as Soraan, casting aside his Murasan persona in its entirety as he raved and berated Ni Ethil for what she did to him. Desiring to regain Diabolos' trust, he attacks Leviathan and the crystal she is protecting. When the adventurers try to stop him, he teleports them away back to M'Rasu and delays their return by sending Tiamat to attack them.

Creation and Development[]

Soraan is an original character for Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno. His design and enigmatic nature as Murasan, however, is largely inspired by the ascians of Final Fantasy XIV.

Musical Themes[]

As Soraan, his theme is simply titled 'Soraan Junleel'. This theme largely absent after he takes on the mantle of Murasan, his theme instead utlising 'Without Shadow' from Final Fantasy XIV, the theme of the ascians.[1]



  • 'Murasan' is the name of one of the developer's character from Final Fantasy XIV, who is predominantly a Red Mage.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, his actions have the largest effect on the player throughout the story, and is often the one in direct contest with them. It is only Diabolos' sheer power and the scope of his threat that holds him above Murasan, and ultimately whatever Murasan's own intent may be, it pales in comparison to what will happen should they fail to stop Diabolos himself.

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