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"A Lindblum Augurer from the town of Kaipo. Reiner is an experienced soldier as well, with duty and honour coming before all else. Reiner doesn't particularly care about forming connections with others, only socializing to break up awkward silences or to lecture others. He prioritizes his mission above all else."
—Official description.[1]

Reiner Ardell is a playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II. He is a serious man who holds a great grudge against Espers.



Reiner is gray-haired and gray-eyed man in his late thirties. He wears a silver armor and a red cape.


Due to the events at him hometown, Reiner has a deep grudge against Ramuh, although before those events he was a warm and kind person. Since then, Reiner has developed into a person who isn't keen on socializing or having any kind of leisure.

Reiner develops a bond with Carina Madeen despite his angry behavior when they first meet due to sharing a similar experience.


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Early life[]

Reiner was a mercenary who had a wife called Bethany and two little daughters, Marcella and Priscilla, and lived in the town of Kaipo.

Seven months prior to game's events, Espers suddenly change their behavior and start to attack humans, Kaipo being one of the first towns to be their target. During the Espers' attack on the town, Reiner's family is killed from Ramuh's hands. After this, Reiner joined the newly formed Augurers in Lindblum City swearing to get his revenge on the Esper.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

Cid Beryl, a commanding officer of Augurers, assigns a recruit named Zephyr Highwind to Reiner with a task of investigating the Esper threat reported in the town of Dawnmarch. Reiner travels to Neirbrook, Zephyr's hometown, to collect the recruit and take him on the mission. The trained Augurer is not impressed with the Zephyr's lack of training pointing that he should train to be at peak condition after he enlisted.

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Level HP MP Vigor Stamina Magic Spirit Speed Tenacity
1 235 32 29 19 19 21 15 15
10 800 87 56 35 40 42 32 33
20 1,504 147 85 52 62 66 51 53
30 2,288 207 114 70 85 89 69 73
40 3,153 268 143 87 107 112 88 92
50 4,099 328 172 104 130 135 106 112
60 5,125 388 202 122 153 159 124 132
70 6,231 449 231 139 175 182 142 151
80 7,418 509 260 157 198 205 161 171
90 8,685 569 289 174 220 229 180 191
99 9,894 623 315 189 240 249 196 208



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Level Ability Effect LP
1 Bio Force Summons a Flan to remove status conditions and restore 50% MP. 60
15 Stone Gaze Summons a Catoblepas to damage and put all enemies to sleep. Earth elemental. 70
30 Cold Breath Summons an Apokryphos to breath blizzard elemental breath on all enemies. 90
45 Apocalypse Summons a Byblos to inflict damage to all enemies several times. 100

Creation and development[]

As opposed to the first game, which emulated old Final Fantasy games before characters had fleshed out personalities, UPRC aims to make each character feel very unique in terms of personality in Blackmoon Prophecy II. All of the character personalities in the game are slightly based on other characters from the Final Fantasy series. Reiner is based on Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy VI.[1]


"Reiner" is a name of German origin and means "warrior of judgement".[2]

"Ardell" is a name of English origin and means "from the hare's dell".[3]