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Omicron is an optional playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy.



Omicron looks vastly similar to Malacore albeit with slightly different colourizations.


His mannerisms and personality are both robotic and wooden in nature.


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Blackmoon Prophecy[]

Late in his adventure, Vahn can find a note from Lord Zeul addressed to the elder of Mystic Mysidia. Asking the elder about the letter leads Vahn and his friends into an underwater cave housing a coffin. Upon opening the coffin, Omicron emerges and is immediately mistaken for Malacore given their similar appearances. Omicron explains that, like Malacore, he was one of Zeul's creations. Omicron was discarded after he felt unable to cooperate with Zeul's evil ambitions. Zeul deemed Omicrn a failed creation, but Vahn is quick to indicate that Omicron is perhaps superior to Malacore due to Omicron questioning Zeul while Malacore initially did not and ended up being the puppet Zeul desired. Wishing to see Zeul and his "younger brother" Malacore stopped, Omicron joins the party.




Omicron does not have his own unique set of skills, insteading being able to copy magical energies of those near him. Upon recruiting Omicron, the player can visit the Rift Shrine and choose to activate different skill sets for Omicron to utilize. He can copy Oalston's black magic, Elina's white magic, or Vera's summons. He is only able to copy one skill set at a time.

To mirror his versatility and ability to adapt, Omicron is also able to equip a wide variety of equipment and weapons.

Creation and development[]

Omicron was added in the final update to Blackmoon Prophecy as a small and special way to send the game off. Omicron was designed to mirror the appearance of Malacore and his inception was meant to add further backstory to Zeul creating artificial beings.



Omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and is the Greek equivalent to the letter O.