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Ni Ethil is the one of the main protagonists of Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno. She is a Veteyan Ranger hailing from the city of Vetay, capital of the nation of Old Vetaya.



Ni Ethil is a elvaan female in her early twenties. She is tall and slender, typical of elvaan, and has light brown hair and blue eyes. She is typically seen wearing her Veteyan Ranger uniform, which includes a dark blue undersuit and lighter blue armour plating.


Ni Ethil typically comes across as rational and focused, highly dutiful and loyal to her position as a Veteyan Ranger. However, this often clashes with her overall inexperience and occasional recklessness. She is a highly idealistic individual, often wanting to find non-lethal ways of solving a problem, trying to see the best in people and holding herself to a very strict moral standard.

Beneath the mask of the Ranger, however, lies a far more emotionally unstable individual. While she attempts to keep the persona up at all times, there are various moment where she may let her guard down or otherwise may let it slip. Around her friends and family she has been known to drop the professional exterior outside of combat, coming across as someone far more awkward and easily flustered when bantering with people she trusts. She showcases her more vulnerable aspects around those she deems as safe, often using them to vent out her frustrations.

Due to her mysterious past, something she herself initially isn't privy to the details of, Ni can be rather sensitive when the subject is brought up. It has been shown that the subject of her nature and the questions around who and what she truly is is a difficult subject, and when the revelations aren't what she had hoped she can often be sent into despondency and sometimes even bouts of anger-driven ruthlessness and desperation. When her professionalism is forcibly breached, Ni can become a dangerous individual and one who increasingly relies on those closest to her to keep her sanity in check.

Her true nature as Eralia Blackstorm, a zilaran who is heavily tied to demi-amber, only furthers her mental decline. She has lived and died once already, and her struggles with that fact, and its consequences, makes even the most idealistic individuals shake in their conviction. It is because of what she is that she holds herself to such a high standard, and is terrified of losing herself somewhere along the way.

After reconciling with her birth mother and father, and coming to accept who and what she is, alongside making peace with Emma, Ni regains her stability stronger than before. She is no longer burdened with her emotional instability and uncertainty and, while still holding a strong moral compass, she has relaxed enough to realise that she can't save everyone and needs to accept that reality to move on. 

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First Life[]

Eralia Blackstorm was born in the nation of Zilart to Penara and Gabranth Blackstorm, respectively a high-standing Amber Mage and High Judge. The nation sits far to the west of the First Enoan Continent where the sea acts as a natural barrier often barring passage to all but the most sturdy vessels with the hardiest of crews, the conditions said to be caused by the Goddess Leviathan herself, meaning relations between the two lands are almost non-existent.

Common to all zilart, Eralia's soul was fused with amber that gave her magical abilities based on the aspect of darkness. As a result, her skin was the colour of ash, her dark blue hair being inherited from her mother while her cyan eyes came from her father. Her mother had a genetic deficiency that made her highly allergic to any form of alcohol, but for Eralia that deficiency was passed on and exemplified to a tragic degree. From her first breath, her body was failing and the infant was deathly ill. Despite Penera's own efforts, and that of the best healers they could muster, it was said she would die shortly after her birth.

It was not to be, however, and Eralia regained enough of her strength to continue on for many more years.

As she grew, Eralia remained often bedridden and ill, though this did not prevent the formation of her adventurous spirit. She found a strong fascination with the sky, her greatest dream being to sprout wings and sour high above the land, a very real possibility for an Amber Mage. When she was strong enough to leave the house, she liked to spend her time with her friends, one of whom she would grow extremely close to, another zilaran girl her age. She also developed a habit of using the made-up word of 'bwah' in a variety of situations, the word never truly having a true meaning but changing to fit the situation in which it was used by the child.

Eralia was particularly close to her mother, who was seldom away from her side and tended to her needs constantly, always searching for a way to correct her child's deficiency. Gabranth was often away on business, as a knight holding the rank of High Judge, which gave him the right and responsibility to detain and sentence the worst criminals in Zilart, he did not get to spend nearly as much time with his daughter. When he was home, however, he would spend as much time as possible with her, terrified that each time could prove the last.

At the age of eight, Eralia's health took a turn for the worst. She could no longer walk on her own, permanently in her mother's care, unable to play with her friends and go on her adventures beneath the sky she loved so much. Penara tried desperately to heal her, but soon it became clear that Eralia was doing to die. Determined to stop this, her mother concocted a terrible plan that would ensure her daughter's continued existence at the cost of another.

She went to Eralia's best friend, informing the child of a ritual that could save her friend's life. She told her it would be needed for the girl to sacrifice her body for it to work and, the child's young mind not fully grasping the implications and wanting to save her friends, agreed. Penara knew the girl didn't fully understand, but even with this uninformed acceptance, she had the girl prepared. So too did Penara ask for Eralia's permission, and with the child once again not fully understanding what the ritual would entail, she agreed to be saved.

And so Penara prepared her scheme, where she would use the corrupted crystals of demi-amber to amplify her magic and transfer Eralia's soul into the body of her friend, killing that friend in the process.

She hid the plan for her husband, knowing he would never approve. Gabranth, however, soon caught wind of the plan anyway. He was initially torn between turning a blind eye until after the ritual was complete or preventing it entirely, but knowing the life of an innocent child was on the line, he chose to gather his men and apprehend his wife. They arrived after the ritual had begun, Eralia's soul already in the process of the transfer to her best friend's incapacitated form. Gabranth struck out at Penara, disrupting the flow of magic and causing the ritual to backfire. The connection severed, Eralia's friend was saved and returned to her family by the guards.

When the dust cleared, however, Eralia lay lifeless. Distraught to having failed to save her daughter, Penara did not resist as her husband, his heart shattering, reluctantly took his wife into custody. Having lost both his wife and child in one day, he was left but a shattered shell of his former self.

Unknown to both, however, Eralia's spirit survived her physical death. It was flung through the aether of the world, still very much alive, by the ritual's backfire. It was sent hurtling in the direction of Eno, looking for a body with which to complete Penara's spell.

Second Life[]

Emerging in the capital of Old Veteya, Vetay, Eralia's ethereal form briefly floated through the air before locating a suitable host. An infant, but a few weeks old, lay abandoned in an alley, concealed in a crate. She was elvaan, her hair a sandy brown, her eyes a deep emerald green. The magic Penara cast reached out to the infant, fusing Eralia's spirit into this young body and supplanting its original owner. Due to the host's age, however, and a loss of power in the spell, the elvaan was not killed in the process, her own soul merely quelled into dormancy deep inside.

And so Eralia opened her new eyes, now cyan as with her first body, her memories fading into distant echoes of the long past. Confused and distraught, her cries echoed through the ally and across the nearby street. Drawn to the sound, two adult elvaan happened across the infant Eralia within the crate. Ferron Ethil, a royal guard, and his with Salika Ethil, a former archer. Taking pity, immediately smitten with the young girl, the two took the child back to their home. With the guard unable to locate the child's parents, they officially adopted her while giving her the name Ni Ethil, translated from elvaan to common meaning 'Little Wing'.

The Ethils already had two daughters at the time of the adoption. Ni's new sisters were, firstly, Sclala Ethil, but a child herself at the time and greatly excited by the prospect of becoming an older sister. The eldest, meanwhile, was a young guard named Rania Ethil, who had aspirations to join the Vetayan Rangers, an elite group responsible for protecting all of Old Vetaya from the most dangerous of foes.

Rania was far less excited at having a new sister, at least one brought into the family in the manner she had. She viewed Ni as an interloper, greatly agitated by her unexpected arrival and the fact that she and Sclala were never consulted before the decision was made. So, while the others in her family dotted on Ni, Rania mostly ignored her and kept to herself.

Ni's new body was perfectly healthy, as Penara had so wished, and soon she started to grow up once again. She watched her eldest sister successfully join the Rangers, soon rising through the ranks, with Sclala following in her sibling's footsteps soon after.

As she grew, Ni only retained the faintest memories of her past life, echoes only manifesting in dreams. She would see faces she could no longer put names to, smells that seemed familiar and yet alien all at once. She most often saw her mother, dreaming of the times she protected her during her bouts of illness. On rare occasions, she would too see her father's face, though his memory faded far more than that of Penara due to his absence.

She would also retain her overall personality. Her adventurous spirit, love of the skies and affinity for the word 'bwah' all re-emerged. The former would result in her idolising her sisters, particularly Rania, for their positions in the Rangers. She would also be greatly embarrassed by her parents' over-supportive natures, often receiving so much praise she would be left a blushing mess. For example, when losing her first tooth in an apple they had the tooth bronzed... while it was still in the apple, and the resulting trophy was left on display for all to see in their home. Many more such events would occur throughout her life, as it had and continued to happen with her sisters, much to her continued indignation.

As she entered school, she soon incurred the wrath of a young elvaan boy named Sylvar, who enjoyed bullying the other children. He targetted Ni due to her family's high standing in Vetay, also picking up on certain insecurities she held. Idolising her sisters, even if she never picked up on Rania's resentment, she inwardly felt like an outsider who didn't belong. Her adoption was never kept secret, and she feared that she would never amount to the same level as her siblings. Sylvar abused this, taunting her relentlessly during class and leaving Ni to often become upset and confused.

After once such incident, Ni returned home in a flood of tears that left her entirely despondent to the point that Ferron and Salika could not get her to respond to them. It got so bad that they reached out to her sisters to attempt to calm her, with Rania being the first to arrive. Finding Ni in such a state, despite her prior distance, broke Rania's heart and caused her to despise herself for how she had acted. Telling her younger sibling that everything would be alright, and knowing her love for the skies, Rania brought Ni to one of the tallest guard towers in Vetay where she could see a vantage of both the surrounding forest and the afternoon sky.

Once in the tower, the pair just spent a time talking. Rania spoke of the Rangers and her duties while Ni took in every word as she stared in awe at the landscape. Not only did her love of the skies increase that day, so too did it ignite a love of the forest beneath it. And with her sister's words, already idolising her, Ni became determined to grow up and become a Ranger just like her sisters. And, before that, just like her parents had once been.

Rania and Ni grew far closer after that incident, her elder sister taking personal responsibility for Ni's wellbeing in a fierce determination to make up for her prior negligence, a protective attitude that would persist well into the future. Rania would train Ni in various combat styles, stealth techniques and other things she would need for a future in the Rangers. With her help, and that of the rest of her family, Ni's path was squarely set from the point onwards.

Sometime after the tower, despite continuing to take Sylvar's bullying without breaking again for several years, often just ignoring him, as they approached their teenage years time came when Ni refused to let it slide any longer. When Sylvar launched one of his latest tirades against Ni and her friends, resulting in him pushing one of those friends over, Ni snapped. Utilising all that Rania had taught her, she proceeded to pummel Sylvar into submission despite his weak attempt to fight back. The fight ended when Sylvar himself ended up in tears, causing Ni to stop herself in shock. Angry, and yet amazed to see him in such a state, she demanded a reason as to why he had always been the way he was. It was here that she discovered the abuse Sylvar endured from his own family, verbal and physical, all his life, leading to him taking it out on others.

After being apprehended by the school and suspended for some time, Ni and Sylvar reconciled with Ni urging Sylvar to get help for his family situation. He took her advice, and bitter enemies ended up becoming lifelong friends and allies.

When Ni finally left school at sixteen, where she immediately joined the city guard and took up arms in the name of the King of Vetay. Her first posting was, much to her annoyance and boredom, to guard a simple broom closet in some noble's mansion. She would note there was not even anything special about the closet, and it was the most pointless assignment in the city.

She would soon be transferred to a more active role, however, and would spend the next two years patrolling the streets where she would contend with petty criminals and other minor issues a low-ranking guard would be called upon for. Eventually, she reached a point where her career path had the option to diverge. She could either continue being a guard, going through the ranks where she had the chance to one day become its captain, or attempt to apply for the Vetayan Rangers. The Vetayan Rangers, being an elite group, were notoriously difficult to successfully join. Because of this, even the lowest ranking private technically out-ranked the Captain of the City Guard, though they were liable to be disciplined if new recruits overstepped their bounds against such a position. Many who attempted it were likely to fail, and most would simply stick with the guard as an easier and yet no less important role.

Ni, however, had been waiting for the chance for years. She applied for training as a Vetayan Ranger and, using all her family had taught her, she successfully completed all tests given to her and was accepted a Ranger recruit at the age of eighteen. She would spend this time being trained by both Rania, who was now a highly ranked Commander, and a drill-sergeant who had once threatened that she would emerge from training in a full-body cast drinking through a straw.

Ni would partake in several missions in and around Vetaya with the Rangers, contending with bandits, giant monsters and other threats to the safety of their home. She would gain a couple of ranks during her service, but by the time she was twenty she was still relatively low down in the Ranger hierarchy and the weakest fighter of the Ethil sisters, though the three fighting together had gained something of a fearsome reputation.

It was at this age, however, that the dreams of her past started to increase.

Unknown to Ni, back in Zilart things were starting to take turn. Penara had been imprisoned for all those twenty years under her husband's watchful eyes. One day, however, Gabranth took pity on the love of his life and removed the collar that bound her powers, intending that her punishment come to an end in the hope that they could rebuild something of what they had lost. The moment he did, however, Penara sensed Eralia's survival even from across continents. She conjured a great amber bird and fled the prison with Gabranth failing to stop her flight, immediately setting out for Eno as she used her magic to try and contact Eralia.

Gabranth would the be tasked by the Zilaran Council to bring back Penara alive or dead, and if he found Eralia alive, she was to be executed as an abomination.

As Ni's dreams increased, so too did she begin seeing Penara, known to her as 'The Dark Woman', in the waking world. She would see visions of her standing nearby, watching. And on at least one occasion Ni collapsed while on duty and found herself in a void filled only with golden stars, seeing Penara in the distance, watching still. Ni would awake in a hospital, surrounded by her alarmed family.

Her self-doubts about her own identity and past emerged once more, her insecurities plaguing her as the identity of the Dark Woman and her own history started to distract from her duties. Realising that something was happening to her, something potentially dangerous, and finally resolving to discover the mysteries of her past once and for all, Ni applied for a leave of absence from the Rangers to pursue the matter.

It was accepted, the strange magical anomalies surrounding Ni being a well-known recent phenomenon, and one the Rangers saw as needing to be resolved. The court white mage of Vetay could not figure the mystery out, unable to ascertain anything beyond 'some kind' of magic was in use. Ni decided to travel to Anomo, the centre of all magical learning in the world, located in the Tarufell Nation of Lapinia. She chartered a ship that would pass through M'Rasu in the Mithra Island States of Miqotai before coming to a stop at the port town of Poroton, where Ni would travel the rest of the way on foot. Rania and Sclala wished to come with Ni, but she insisted that she had to see to the mystery herself, parting Vetay aboard a mithra vessel.

The ship would first make a stop in the Galrion Domain, where it would take on more passengers, including a well-meaning but bumbling Paladin named Alicier, travelling the world searching for ails to cure. It would then stop in Volia, where more cargo and a few passengers would board. This included a Dark Knight named Thanatos, who was just drifting from place-to-place in search of his master, and a cybernetically enhanced black chocobo named Rocket, who stowed away in a crate while fleeing from an assassin.

Ni would remain generally oblivious to the other passengers, or otherwise keeping to herself and not interacting with anyone, spending much of her time on deck ruminating matters. She soon missed Vetay and her family, never having strayed so far from her home before.

Feeling lost, but no-less determined to finally put the mysteries of her past to rest, Ni Ethil remained on board the ship as it left Volia and set course for M'Rasu.

Chronicles of Eno[]

As the ship approached the island city, Ni found herself wandering up onto deck once more. She stared out at the ocean, thinking of her sisters and promising to return to them soon. As she did, two crew members nearby noted her armour, realising her as a Veteyan Ranger. They speculated if she was on a special mission for the Rangers, wondering what would take a member of the elite elvaan group so far from their lands. Ni chose to ignore the duo, remaining deep in her own thoughts.

She was soon knocked from them, however, when a fleet of vessels outside of M'Rasu opened fire on the ship. With barely enough time to register the cannon fire, a blast from one such attack sent Ni overboard and into the icy ocean.

It is here that Ni would meet Alicier Quinton, Thanatos Shadowgrasp and Rocket the Chocobo. Delving into the city and braving its infected citizens and Diabolos cultists, they would make it to a safe zone and encounter Mika Solwin. During their ensuing time in the city they would encounter and be defeated by Soraan Junleel, the leader of the cult. Mika would personally tend to Ni's wounds, leading to the first embers of romantic interest to form between the two.

The group, now including Mika, would go onto defeat and kill Soraan, departing the island for Lapinia. Ni would go onto assisting her newfound friends in their various troubles, during which they would discover a deeper plot to see the return of Diabolos and the destruction of the known world. This would be perpetuated by a newly encountered amber mage named Murasan, seemingly picking up where Soraan left off.

Eventually their travels brought them back to Vetay, where Ni would reunite with her sisters and adoptive family. She would also meet a mysterious knight from a western continent, Gabranth. Together they followed the trail of the Dark Woman to the Enowatch mountains where they met Penara Blackstorm who would reveal Ni's past as Eralia, as well as Gabranth's identity as her father. The child whose body Ni had inadvertently taken would also awaken during these events, now calling herself Emma, and would violently attempt to expel Ni's soul. Gabranth would likewise attempt to eliminate both Ni and Penara, though was foiled and arrested by the Veteyan Rangers for the attack.

After bringing both her parents back to Vetay and learning more about her circumstances, Ni's health began to rapidly decline. Both she and Emma were informed that they were dying, their shared form unable to handle two souls in conflict. This revelations, along with the two having to work in tandem to slay an amber dragon as it attacked the city, reconciled the two souls. Ni promised to find Emma a new form to call her own, something that would be achieved through the conception of a child by Ferron and Salika Ethil.

Ni would also reconcile with her father, who would depart back to Zilart with to report the deaths of both her and her mother to his superiors.

During the closing moments of the battle with the dragon, she would also encounter Murasan once more, where Ni would correctly put together the pieces of the puzzle and call him out on his true identity; Soraan Junleel himself, resurrected through the power of Phoenix that Diabolos had absorbed when he murdered his sister.

After this event, Soraan would begin to target the Crystals of Light and Darkness that gave the gods their power, intent on weakening them for when Diabolos returned. He succeeded in destroying one benath M'Rasu, leading to the city's destruction and the deaths of most of its residents.

What followed was a long mission of collecting the remaining crystals before Soraan could destroy them too, which proved successful. Eventually the gathered crystals were forged by Odin and Ifrit into new arms and armour to combat Diabolos directly, and the now Warriors of Light and Darkness led a combined fleet of the myriad nations against Diabolos and his horde of demons. During the course of the final battle Ni's sister, Rania, would be maimed when her ship was shot down. Soraan would also reveal his true duplicity; after his resurrection he had a change of heart and had been manipulating events to strengthen Ni and her friends for when their faced the God of Darkness, and his final act towards this was to throw himself upon their newly blades in a final confrontation. Soraan would perish, and so would Diabolos in a desperate that followed, Ni herself landing the final blow of a blade of light and darkness forged with the last of the crystals' power and in the likeness of Vermillion's Edge, Soraan's own weapon as a sign of respect towards her old rival.

In the aftermath of Diabolos' death, Ni and Mika would finally marry in M'Rasu after the city had begun to be rebuilt.


Ni Ethil would continue to serve in the Rangers following the end of the Amber Tide, leading Vetayan aid in the rebuilding of M'Rasu under her new rank of Commander and command of the Little Wing II.

She would be the last of the Warriors of Light and Darkness to remain alive. Rocket would die of natural causes between 25-50 years of age. Alicier would perish in his fifties defending the defenceless against an overwhelming foe. Kyra would pass on in her seventies from a mixture of age and her wounds during the war.

Ni would lose her wife to age during the mithra's mid-nineties. Thanatos himself would persist for approximately another decade after, coming to watch the first years of his great-grandchild's life before he too succumbed. Ni would be spared for a time by virtue of her elvaan body, though even its slower rate of aging paled in comparison to her zilaran heritage.

Ni Ethil would finally perish and rejoin her loved ones at the age of 122, a century following Diabolos' demise, during a fateful meeting with her own granddaughter, Rosa Solwin.



Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defence Agility Luck
1 22 0 7 1 4 1 8 32
3 101 0 7 1 4 1 12 37
5 200 0 20 1 10 1 20 42
10 394 0 39 1 17 1 41 55
15 650 0 50 1 34 1 90 67


Ni is able to equip ranged weaponry such as bows, crossbows and magitek firearms. She is also able to use daggers in the place of her usual ranged preference. She starts out with a standard crossbow as her armament.

For armour, she can equip light and medium armour classes designed for a humanoid user.


Ni's job skillset is that of a Ranger. She starts out with abilities such as Reversal, Ambush and Trick Shot. Later abilities she gains include Throw Stone, Disabling Shot and Barrage. Her first Limit Break is Boltstorm, which launches a barrage of arrows that hits all enemies on the field with a massive boost to her damage output. Her second Limit Break is Blackstorm, which causes a transformation giving her flight, allows her to be healed by shadow damage, gives her a massive damage boost, heals her HP by 50% when activated and clears all active status ailments, the transformation lasting for four turns.

Her third and final limit break is an evolution of Blackstorm, Skystorm. The same benefits apply, with an added attack for holy damage and the shadow absorption lasting the entire combat, albeit not clearing present status ailments.

Her first Limit Ability is Sharpshot. It can be used once per day and is a single target attack that deals out a massively damaging strike. Her second Limit Ability is X-Attack, which allows for three normal attacks back-to-back. Her third limit ability gives 50% bonus damage to arcane-based enemies.

Creation and Development[]

Ni was created for the Final Fantasy D6 campaign 'Chronicles of Eno', played by Thomas Kemp in that campaign.[1] The character was derived from another that the player had made before, an OC pegasus known as Little Wing.[2] The character was re-designed and her backstory adapted for the Final Fantasy setting, her name directly translated into Ni Ethil when using the elvaan words for 'Little Wing'. When the campaign was adapted into a videogame, Ni Ethil naturally made the transition as well.

Musical Themes[]

Ni's main theme in the videogame adaptation of the campaign is 'Sisters' Shadow', which also has a slowed and reversed version of the theme entitled 'Amid Golden Stars'. The former theme is her standard theme, played whenever elements of her past are brought up or she is otherwise dealing with a situation core to her development. The latter theme, meanwhile, is a variation of the track that only plays whenever Ni is inside the amber starfield.



Ni is a translation of the Final Fantasy in-universe language, elvaan, of the word 'Little'. Ethil itself is a translation of the word 'Wing.


  • Though she shares many traits with Little Wing, several key aspects of her backstory have been reconfigured for the new setting.
  • Penara Blackstorm, Ni's family and Mika Solwin and all likewise expies of characters from Little Wing's tale.
  • The 'bwah' babble started off as just a phrase Little Wing would state during her infancy as baby speak, but due to its frequency and the humour readers found in it, it became a running gag that transferred to Ni Ethil.
  • Ni receiving a lot of the early character development, along with her evolved leadership role in the group, made her the closest thing to a singular main protagonist in the story. Though the other characters all increased in prominence as their own story arcs came to light, Ni has remained a driving force with her own storyline stretching on far longer than any other.

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