Mysidian Trivia is a minigame from Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II. Similarly to the Brain Blast! quiz game from Final Fantasy XIII-2 it serves as a test of player's knowledge of the game's world. Mysidian Trivia building where the minigame is held is located in the Mysidian Quarter in Alexandria.


What is the name of the self-proclaimed world famous Esper hunter?
Cinna Lone Wolf Nega Razz
Which of the following is not a black magic spell?
Aqua Blind Holy Quake
In the old days, which Crystal of Element did not have a shrine within any of the kingdoms?
Earth Crystal Fire Crystal Life Crystal Wind Crystal
What legendary Fiend of Element took over Lindblum Castle when it sunk into the sea?
Cagnazzo Leviathan Malacore Valvalis
Where did the Light Warriors defeat Malacore and Lord Zeul one century ago?
Branch Castle Ivalician Citadel The Moon The Underworld
In the old days, in which kingdom did the Crystal of Water reside?
Branch Ivalice Lenadia Lindblum
Who was the headmaster of the original Lindblum Mage Academy?
Baram Baulkner Oalston Saradin Regent Handel Sabino Ricci
Geographically, which town is the closest to Costa del Vita?
Cornelia Kaipo Tzen Vilaheim
Who is the last surviving member of the Kindred?
Cid Beryl Keren Farabrandt Lysha Peperro Soren Berona
What was the name of the legendary Fiend of Element that once inhabited a large forest on the west coast of Ivalice?
Sacred Titan Valvalis Yemaja
Where is the Crystalline Grotto located?
Balmag Subterane Berona Arctic Great Lindblum Reef Mount Zahg
Who is the founder of the Berona Republic?
Alduin Vainstrong Carwen Berona Darius Nobleton Soren Berona
What is the name of the being that some have taken to believing is responsible for the sinking of lands?
Graviton Leviathan Malacore Ramuh
Which flying creature is the largest of the four?
Black Dragon Cockatrice Grand Dragon Zuu
What had roses planted all throughout Alexandria during its construction?
Ami Peperro Ezra Highwind Keren Farabrandt Vera Farabrandt
Which of the following is not a species of arachnid present in the world?
Araneid Coelicite Eland Lycosidae
Who is resposible for the denizens of the Underworld receiving seeds to plant trees?
Carwen Berona Gilgamesh Malacore Ramuh
What town has never had a pirate presence?
Cornelia Costa del Vita Northdale Palumpu Port
Where does the great dragon Bahamut reside?
Alexandria Darnecles Castle Mount Houzell Vainstrong Port
What is a Blackmoon?
Ashen Moon Permanent Eclipse Supernova Unholy Meteor
Who was the ruler of Lindblum one hundred years ago?
Regent Handel Regent Gran Regent Lorn Regent Steiner
What is the name of the former kingdom that the Berona Republic incorporated into itself?
Branch Darnecles Fabul Wutai
Where is Mount Houzell located?
Berona Arctic Ivalician Desert Mohadmal Desert Plain Major
Which of the following is not a white magic spell?
Aero Cure Esuna Regen
What was once located off the Lenadian coast prior to the Great Cataclysm?
Faluhd Castle Life Shrine Palumpu Post Tower of Babil
Which capital does not have a regional headquarters belonging to the Berona Power Company?
Alexandria Berona City Lenadia Castle Lindblum City
Which wild animal foes into a frenzy when affected by status conditions?
Adamantoise Baskervor x Chickenlip Mu
What pest used to live in the Kaipo desert over a century ago?
Araneid Cactuar Delta Hoover
Who is not on the Berona Power Company's executive board?
Eris Typhoon Markim Alunira Randall Heidegger Soren Berona
What wild animal charges up before it attacks?
Coeurl Wendigo x Zahgnol Zuu
Which angry creature once dwelled within a watery cave deep underneath the Mohadmal region?
Chimera Dark Elf x Quetzalcoatl Ultros
What was the name of Branch's flagship sailing vessel?
Eternal Blue Falcon Seabreeze Tidechaser
Who is the current symbol of the Ivalice dragoons?
Bahamut Rudra Shinryu Surt
Which monster is capable of exploding and killing itself?
Bomb Flame Pup Hedgehog Pie Stilva
Which location is not near or in a desert?
Kaipo Kohlingen Mohadmal Junction Visage
Which town is the northernmost from the following four?
Barrington x Castora Kohlingen Village of Zen
Who trained Hautley von Muir?
Elina Alunira Godot Oalston Saradin Sabino Ricci
A century ago, Ivalice had four generals. What were they collectively referred to as?
The Dark Knights The Four Swords The Light Warriors The Unbreakable
How did Espers originally reach Gaia from the Esper World?
Echo Temple Genesis Obelisk Miasma Stream Rift Shrine
Geographically, which town is closest to the Village of Zen?
Diaspola Mystic Mysidia Neirbrook Oaktown
Who directly caused the Great Cataclysm a century ago?
Archareons King Branch Malacore Vahn Vainstrong
What has never been a known color of any chocobo species?
Black Green Orange White
Geographically, which town is closest to Tzen?
Berona City Costa del Vita Crescent Village Kaipo
Which flying creature is the smallest of the four?
Black Dragon Cockatrice Grand Dragon Zuu
In the old days, in which kingdom did the Crystal of Wind reside?
Branch Ivalice Lenadia Lindblum
Who of the following was not a Light Warrior one hundred years ago?
Ami Peperro Baram Baulkner Bosche Gore Oalston Saradin
Who is the leader of Lindblum's Augurer task force?
Cid Beryl Godot Keren Farabrandt Regend Handel
Which legendary sword did the man known as Gilgamesh never pursue?
Enhancer Excalibur Hyakki Yagyo Illumina
What was the name of Branch's bustling port town before it sank into the ocean?
Daguero East Branch Meksicburg Trei
Which of the following is not a species of a flan?
Gunk Jelly Pudding Slime
Which of the following prominent Ivalicians had never served as a general?
Belmont Braak Deckar Eva
Before dwelling the oceans, where did the Esper Leviathan live?
Great Lindblum Reef Lantz Lake Miasma Stream Sodden Depths
Who is the king of Darnecles?
Gale Hale Pale Vale
Which is not one of the islands of the world?
Cactuar Isle Dawn Isle Devil's Sand Island x Triangle Isle
Which creature lives on a large island rather than on the continental mainland of any of the four kingdoms?
Black Dragon Brontosaur Catoblepas Ging-Ryu
Behemoth Borras Minotaur Tyrannosaur
Who of the following is not an Esper?
Catoblepas Diablos Suijin Vertumnus
Atomos Cihuacoatl Odin Phoenix
What monster does not have a Tetra Master card of itself?
Eland Gilomantis Kiwok x Veteran x
Brontosaurus Hounder Ochu Ursus
Basilisk Gaelicat Imp Ironite x
Bleary Lamia Lycosidae Shinrajutsu

Double Death TimeEdit

Double death time! Let's make sure you're not getting too comfortable with these questions! I'm thinking of two monsters. Pick one of them or loose it all!
Bomb (even) Cactuar Malboro Tonberry
Adamantoise Antlion Coeurl Vomammoth
Behemoth Goblin x Ochu (even) Zuu
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