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Lysha Peperro is an optional playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II. She is the granddaughter of Ami Peperro.



Lysha has blue eyes and red hair tied into a ponytail. She wears light blue vest, grey pants and boots, complimented with pink armlets and coat.


Lysha is an energetic woman, a trait that is said to be common among members of the Peperro family. She is a slight contrast to Ami Peperro from Blackmoon Prophecy in that Lysha is undoubtedly an intelligent woman and rarely has moments of idiocy, though she is extremely playful and liable to take situations less serious than she should.


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Lysha Peperro was named after her grandmother's teacher, whom she had a relationship with when she was a young woman. Lysha is an inhabitant of the Lenadian town of Barrington where she and Silas Hedgeley direct the Mistwalkers guild, a group of adventurers founded by her grandparents.


After obtaining the Airship she can be found at Fahlud Castle. Upon her joining, she sells various items aboard the ship including tomes of Level 3 spells.


Lysha is a feminine name of Latin origin meaning "lucky, happy, successful". In the in-game lore, Lysha is named after her grandmother's teacher, Lysha Harcourt.