This is a list of abilities available to the party in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy.

List of AbilitiesEdit


Due to her status as Caller, Vera is the only party member to be able to summon.

Esper Ability MP Cost Effect/Power Image
Alexander Judgement 122 6700 power. Holy elemental.
Merged World: Ancient Castle
Asura Clarity 80 Heals party.
Merged World: Mt. Figaro Summit
Available after taking Vera to her home in Albrook.
Bahamut Megaflare 110 5890 power. Non-elemental.
Merged World: Lindblum Crater
Bahamut Absolute Gigaflare 150 9999 power. Non-elemental.
Merged World: Cave of Memories.
Requires defeating Bahamut first.
Carbuncle Ruby Light 58 Increases Magic of the party.
Merged World: Mt. Mysidia
Diablos Shadow Servant 54 1500 power. Shadow elemental.
Auction House
Doomtrain Ominous Horn 60 Inflicts Poison, Blind, and Slow on all enemies.
Marshtown (any world map)
Fenrir Moon Song 56 Bestows Haste on the party.
Merged World: Torian Grotto
Golem Earthwall 45 Bestows Protect on the party.
Underworld: Living Cavern
Ifrit Hell Fire 45 1300 power. Fire elemental.
Vera's initial summon.
Ixion Tartarus Charger 116 6350 power. Thunder elemental.
Merged World: Trei Catacombs
Available after taking Vera to her home in Albrook.
Jumbo Cactuar Cactus Drop 70 3800 power. Earth elemental.
Cactuar Island
Leviathan Tsunami 76 4250 power. Water elemental.
Sodden Depths
Maduin Chaos Wing 100 6000 power. Non-elemental..
Merged World: Rift Shrine
Odin Zantetsuken 72 KOes enemies, otherwise inflicts damage.
Horseman's Rest
Phoenix Rebirth Flames 100 Revives party from KO, heals all allies, and raises party's Fire resistance.
Merged World: Tower of Babil
Quetzalcoatl Storm Surge 124 6850 power. Thunder elemental.
Merged World: Temple Kas'ion
Ramuh Bolt Fist 48 1400 power. Thunder elemental.
Rift Shrine
Remora Feeding Frenzy 25 Drains MP from enemies.
Underworld: Lucid Depths
Rubicant Flare Storm 105 5000 power. Fire elemental.
Merged World: Magma Vortex
Seraphim Angel's Grace 56 Heals party.
Merged World: Cave to the Underworld
Shiva Diamond Dust 45 1250 power. Blizzard elemental.
Gaia: Abandoned Laboratory
Siren Siren Song 54 Inflicts confuse, sleep, stun on all enemies.
Merged World: Cave to Citadel Sewers
Starlet Healing Light 42 Heals party.
Lindblum Armory
Syldra Maelstrom 46 1350 power. Water elemental.
Gizmodan's Grotto
Tritoch Tri-Disaster 126 6672 power. Fire/Blizzard/Thunder elemental..
Merged World: Rift Shrine
Unicorn Divine Trample 50 1750 power. Holy elemental.
Ymir Jotenheim 122 6600 power. Blizzard elemental.
Genesis Obelisk
Zolom Beta Breath N/A 6200 power. Fire elemental.
Merged World: Auction House
Zoneseek Purifier 40 Removes status ailments.
Ebot's Rock