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"An apparent young woman who has come to be known as The Timeless One. One hundred years prior, exposure to energies of the Genesis Obelisk on the moon rendered Jasmine as sub-immortal being, her body aging ten times slower than normal. As a woman who has seen much in her long life, Jasmine is often sought out for advice. She is an inhabitant of Ivalice."
—Official description.[1]

Jasmine Amiro is an optional playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy and a playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II.

In Blackmoon Prophecy II, Jasmine is known as the "Timeless One" and living for more than one hundred years and seeing many things in her life, she is often visited for advice.





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Early Life[]

Jasmine was born as a sister to Braak Amiro. When Braak became an Ivalice soldier, and later raised to the rank of general and became a formidable member of the Four Swords of Ivalice, Jasmine abandoned her past and separated herself from the people in fear of that someone would learnt about their relations and the consquences that would follow this discovery.

Blackmoon Prophecy[]

After adventuring on her own, Jasmine accidentally wound up stranded in the Underworld. Unable to escape, she persuaded Vahn Vainstrong to give her 10,000 gold to help her convince a local denizen to assist her in returning to the surface. After encountering her again in the Arena after the merging of the worlds, she expresses her gratitude. Unable to repay Vahn, she instead offers her services and joins the party.

Between Blackmoon Prophecy and Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

After saving the world, Jasmine continued to lose herself in obscure places, but eventually she did so for the purpose of distancing herself from the world. She feared that people would grow to distrust her or even antagonize her if anyone were to discover that she was sister of the former Ivalician general, Braak Amiro.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

Jasmine would return to the world and live peacefully in the village of Rivera for 100 years. Due to her long lifespan, people from all over would come to refer to her as The Timeless One - a name that she personally detested. After being approached by Zephyr Highwind, Reiner Ardell and Hautley von Muir about the growing violence caused by Esperkind, she agrees to lend her support to them and joins the party.


Blackmoon Prophecy[]


Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
36 2,030 125 169 69 112 145
40 2,362 144 191 77 125 159
50 3,257 192 247 96 161 194
60 4,209 242 306 116 198 232
70 5,199 293 367 137 236 270
80 6,211 345 429 158 274 309
90 7,240 398 492 179 313 348
99 8,224 448 551 199 350 385


Blackmoon Prophecy II[]


Level HP MP Vigor Stamina Magic Spirit Speed Vitality


Level Ability Level Ability Level Ability Level Ability
1 Pummel 12 Aurabolt 18 Phoenix Palm 26 Arctic Wind
30 Mantra 36 Rapture 45 Soul Spiral 52 Revive
Level Ability Level Ability Level Ability Level Ability
12 Berserk 12 Confuse 15 Haste 15 Slow
18 Protect 18 Shell 22 Sleep 25 Burn
25 Flu 28 Stop 30 Chinook 30 Electro
32 Flood 32 Inferno 34 Snowstorm 34 Tremor
Level Ability Effect LP
1 Wildcat Combo Physical damage to one enemy. Hits three times. 60
15 Magi Break Inflicts non-elemental damage and lowers target's Magic and Spirit. 70
30 Momentum Inflicts damage that changes depending on Jasmine's current HP. 90
45 Lunatic High Bestows Haste and Protect on entire party. 100

Creation and development[]

Blackmoon Prophecy[]

Jasmine was added to the game with patch 1.1.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

As opposed to the first game, which emulated old Final Fantasy games before characters had fleshed out personalities, UPRC aimed to make each character feel very unique in terms of personality in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II. All of the character personalities in the game are slightly based on other characters from the Final Fantasy series. Jasmine is based on Rosa Joanna Farrell from Final Fantasy IV.


Yasmin is a Persian name given to females and means 'gift from God'.