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Graviton is a supposed deity in Blackmoon Prophecy II that has acquired an underground following. The Church of Graviton, which is headquartered in the town of Branch, is devoted to believing in Graviton to a borderline fanatical degree.



According to the Church of Graviton, their deity resembles a man who stands as high as the tallest castles and wields an adamantium hammer capable of sinking lands.


Despite the supposed deity being associated with violent tremors that have sunk lands and killed many, the Church of Graviton insists that their god is benevolent and loving.


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Theories of Graviton emerged shortly after the Light Warriors emerged victorious over Lord Zeul and Malacore a century ago. When quakes led to parts of land sinking into the sea, researchers attributed it to the after effects of the Great Cataclysm. Religious individuals instead believed that it was the work of a gravity god that they took to calling him "Graviton". They took it upon themselves to preach that Graviton was an ancient god who was wishing to reshape the world into its original shape, prior to when the worlds were even merged. The Church claims that lands which have sunk were "tainted" and were not of Gaia. They are also adamant that Espers, not originally inhabitants of Gaia, have demonstrated that they are also a taint which must be removed by their war against humankind.

The Church of Graviton believes that their deity resides in the Miasma Stream where he strikes "evil and gnarled roots" with his adamantium hammer and sinks the lands that are said to be tainted. In reality, Graviton is an ancient entity that seeks to become the overlord of all existence. The First Universe was forged when the Creator forced a collision of All-Life, the source of all magic with condensed cosmic miasma. The explosion resulted in the demise of the Creator and a temporal tear which is the Big Bang. This tear created a temporal loop in which a Big Bang occurs every sixty eight billion years. This entity seeks to cheat the end of time and end this cycle by amassing enough power to close the temporal tear. His method of doing so is through his herald, Orilon. Orilon taps into the genome of magic based entities to amass their power so the entity can survive the next Big Bang. It sleeps in the worlds it resides on and only awakens around the time the next Big Bang is to occur so it can use its' advanced technology to ride it out.

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