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Gilgamesh is a non-playable character in the Blackmoon Prophecy series. He is an infamous weapons collector who scours the globe for legendary armaments.





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Blackmoon Prophecy[]

Gilgamesh searches the world high and low for the sword known as Excalibur, his search even leading to the Underworld where he delivered magical seeds to the subterranean ghouls which allowed them to grow trees in the inhospitable volcanic landscape.

When the party locates Siegfried Sigmundson after the merging of the worlds, Gilgamesh makes his first actual appearance when he is presented as Siegfried's rival who is also searching for Excalibur. The spirit of the lake grants the legendary blade to Siegfried and, with Vahn, the two vanquish Gilgamesh.

Using sheer stubbornness, Gilgamesh returns from the dead and reappears at the Tomb of Takka where he is searching for the knowledge of the deceased Takka, a famed blacksmith of the Esper world who was said to be able to create weapons of unimaginable power. Vahn confronts Siegfried and vanquishes the man once again.

Between Blackmoon Prophecy and Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

With his desire to possess the most legendary of weapons, Gilgamesh yet again cheats death and resumes his search for the most elusive of all weapons. He would prove to be more successful this time, acquiring many weapons throughout his travels that would almost become a burden for him to carry.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]

Gilgamesh returns as a wandering weapons collector, appearing in various dungeons where he offers to give up one of the weapons he carries if the party can defeat him in a spar. If the party loses, Gilgamesh will give them a mega potion to heal their wounds acquired by losing the fight. If the player loses three times in a row to Gilgamesh, he will leave without giving up a weapon.

Gilgamesh can be found in the following locations, all weapons which he offers in each location are listed as well.

  • Koltz Forest: Regal Cutlass, Tomahawk.
  • Sand King Tomb: Mythril Axe, Mythril Blade, Mythril Rod.
  • West Ivalice Pass: Battle Axe, Heavy Lance, Poison Rod, Spiked Glove.
  • Mount Houzell: Ashura, Dream Blade, Faerie Rod, Ogrekiller.
  • Balmag Subterane: Death Claw, Rune Blade, Rune Staff, Snipershot.
  • Mount Valla: Beam Blaster, Desert Rose, Kikuichimonji, Rune Axe.


Blackmoon Prophecy[]

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]