Final Fantasy Still is a web machinima that ecompasses the main line of Final Fantasy games. It tells a story of the sorceress Ultimecia who intends to compress all time.


"In the world of Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia, the sorceress of Time, aims to compress all time and space to one specific unchanging moment where the past, present and future are all blurred with her as the ultimate solitary being. but due to the events that take place in her world, all the different worlds have started to share one unifying time and space thus connecting them all.

The interaction between heroes and villains of each series introduces a new depth to the world of Final Fantasy to its fans and non-fans alike.
—Season 1 description.
"Since we last left Final Fantasy Still, chapter I ended on a low note as Squall (FFVIII) refuses to work with the resistance to the heroes' dismay. A decision that is fueled by his eagerness to accomplish his main objective: to route Sorceress Ultimecia (FFVIII) and to put an end to the current condition of the Final Fantasy universe. Is the basis of his decision one of pride, pragmatism, or his own selfish ideals? all we know as of the moment is that it is a decision that will create ripples in these events to come.

Since that time the Empire of Palamecia was able to subdue many "Espers" in its goal to dominate the entire Final Fantasy universe. The Espers in their weakened state have been pushed to their last resort...
—Season 2 description.

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