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Final Fantasy Dreams is game made by Aten stated to be completed in 2004.


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Cloud dreams again about young archaeologist Cirrus and his friend Jane. After a while of wandering through Whispering Cave they are attacked by Atomos, which quickly dispatched the man. Shortly afterwards, darkness begins to cover the sky.

Cloud wakes up in the morning along with his friend Squall. After a quick conversation, they visit Tifa who asks them to pick Miaku Leaves for her in order to let her make a soup. Cloud refuses in the beginning saying that they grow past Minotaurs area, but finally accepts the request. Cloud and Squall wait till the night, because Chief Minos disallows leaving the village. Party wanders west through the forest and visit cave with Miaku Leaves on top of it. On their way back home they encounter Minotaur Scout in the cave and defeated it. Shortly after it, Cloud and Squall noticed that their village is on fire. When they left the forest they noticed a broken wall. In the village, its residents fight with the monsters alongside Cloud and Squall helping them. Later, party finds Tifa at chief's house when a large minotaur attacks the village which is defeated by Cloud and Squall.


Playable characters[]

  • Cloud.
  • Tifa.
  • Squall.
  • Auron.
  • Tidus.
  • Yuna.

Temporary Playable Characters[]

  • Cirrus. An archaeologist, he is friend with Jane.
  • Shadow. He'll help Cloud and Squall get through certain dangerous areas, only to leave the party afterwards.


  • Logo of Final Fantasy Dreams on title screen greatly resembles one of Final Fantasy VII's.

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