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Final Fantasy Discovery is a currently developed RPG Maker VX Ace video game by William Couillard with the support of Paul Cheung.


Playable characters[]


  • Guy.
  • Maria.
  • Vivi.
  • Mid Marquez.

Secret characters[]

  • Cecil Harvey.
  • Stiltzkin.


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"The world remains in balance due to the power of the four elemental crystals. While spoken of in legend, none of them have ever been located... until now. The Palamecian Empire unearths the Crystal of Fire, and soon after, their government slips behind a veil of secrecy. The Kingdom of Figaro sends in four undercover operatives to learn more about their intentions. The Crystals are in danger, it would seem, and it is up to you and your team of adventurers to ensure their safety, and bring an end to a worldwide conflict involving several nations."
—Official synopsis.


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The game uses various tracks from wide array of games. Each area have its own field and battle theme, yet bosses tend to have themes unique to them.

Creation and development[]

The game started initially as a test ground for Couillard who wanted to reproduce Final Fantasy formulas, skills, and such while learning how to use RPG Maker VX Ace as he has skipped RPG Maker VX. The test ground rather quickly developed into a game under construction.


On February 26th, Couillard announced that Paul Cheung, who was originally the official artist of the game, was promoted to Lead Developer at some point during the development.[1]


The Travel Menu.

On March 7th, WCouillard announced that the game will not have a traditional world map like in early Final Fantasy titles, but one slightly resembling Final Fantasy X where there is a world map with list of locations called the Travel Menu. It's been said that RPG Maker VX Ace was a bit limited for what the developer wanted to achieve.[2]


On February 16th, Cheung announced that Avee was recruited as the "Official Spriter" for Final Fantasy Discovery. It was also stated that Couillard is currently negotiating with a talented musical composer to create original remixes of various Final Fantasy titles.[3]

On April 7th, Couillard released the final version of the game's logo which is inspired by the logo of Final Fantasy X with one of the game's motives present on the left and a woman on the right. The final version of the logo was created by Cheung.[4] Cheung said that the colors red and blue signifies a tug of war, and "as others have pointed out, that is Ashe and the Crystal of Fire" in the logo. It is said that connecting them is the crux of the story.[5]


On October 27th, 2012, WCouillard released Final Fantasy Discovery Lite Demo consisting of the first dungeon, Research Facility, and additional ten minutes cutscenes expanding the story. The demo was available for download here.

For the "Release Something Weekend" event held on on May 4th, 2013, Couillard released an improved and expanded version of the Lite Demo which added several new locations and a preview of a new character.[6][7] For the next two days, the demo had several issues fixed. As of December 2014 the download link was removed.

On February 16th, 2015, Cheung informed that the team is planning to release the "End of Summer" build which will feature more content than the "Release Something Weekend" demo back from 2013, including expanded story, new party characters, and locations. The three mercenaries who accompanied Cid during his inflitration mission in the opening sequence are said to be replaced with three new characters. Also it was announced that the demo will feature animated battlers as opposed to reuse of battle sprites from Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.[3]

Production credits[]

Note: Names of position are taken from the main page of Final Fantasy Discovery from
Position Real Name Username
Developer William Couillard WCouillard
Developer Paul Cheung janussenpre
Unofficial Remix Finder Noel_Kreiss (Kaimi*)
Official Spriter Avee


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