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Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno is an in-development fangame based off of the popular Final Fantasyfranchise. The project started off as a custom Final Fantasy D6 campaign that ended on June 27th 2022, and so the game is likely to remain in development for some time.

The game does not share a universe with any previous Final Fantasy title. Rather, much like how each new entry in the main Final Fantasy series itself takes place in a unique setting, the setting is the world of Eno. It shares many of the elements that connects each Final Fantasy's setting, such as Chocobos and Moogles, but has its own lore and unrelated storyline.

The D6 campaign was recorded, the ongoing series can be found on YouTube.

Work on the game adaption began in early 2019 in the 'RPG Maker MV' engine, and it is currently ongoing. The first three chapters can be found on Gamejolt.


The gameplay resembled that of the traditional Final Fantasy franchise during the earlier entries of the series. It is a 2D open-world top-down RPG, the world starting off limited to a single city before increasing in scope to an island, and then an entire continent after the first chapter has been completed.

There are four initial playable characters, with the player able to select their starting primary avatar during the opening sequence, that increases to five party members soon after. Unlike some entries in the franchise, each character's job is dictated by their role in the narrative, similar to Final Fantasy VII. Each one is defined by their own individual histories and personalities, and their classes and abilities reflect that history. NPC guest party members are also intended to appear during various moments in the main questline.

The story revolves around the five main party members as they traverse the First Enoan Continent on the planer of Eno. Due to its origin as a tabletop campaign, each character can be equally considered the protagonist, though each also has a differing role within the group. Ni Ethil is the de-facto leader of the group and (partly due to an increased focus on the character earlier on and the fact they are often one of the most dialogue-heavy in terms of driving the narrative along) can be considered the closest to a singular main protagonist amongst the group, as noted by the players of the campaign to have inadvertently occurred. Thanatos would be the group's 'Han Solo' type, the rugged jerk with a heart of gold. Rocket the Chocobo is the closest to a pure tank and 'muscle' of the group. And then Alicier and Mika make up the support, with the latter being Ni Ethil's primary love interest during the course of the game. Each of them has their own plot arcs that occur during the course of the main story, intermingling with the overarching story and giving each individual protagonist their moment in the spotlight.

The open-world is split into sections, and many of the chapters have the players relegated to specific nations around Eno. Travel can be achieved on foot for a chance to have encounters or by chocobo for a speedier transit and eliminating the chance of encountering enemies to kill and loot from. The eventual acquisition of an airship allows for the barriers between each nation to be bypassed, allowing the player to explore the entire continent, and previously unreachable areas, at will.

Final Fantasy Chronicles of Eno CHAPTER 1 GAME TRAILER
The trailer for Chapter 1: Plague of M'Rasu. Final Fantasy Chronicles of Eno CHAPTER 1 GAME TRAILER

EXP is not earned in Chronicles of Eno, level-ups occurring as dictated by the story. This does mean that the main quest will always be balanced for the player as they progress, however some side content will have to be returned to at a later date. However, gear plays an important role as the player still earns gil from defeated enemies and chest. Upgrading is crucial, otherwise the player may find themselves facing an equally matched or suprior enemy with outdated equipment, thus making the encounter all the more difficult. There are also some encounters that are beyond what the story-dictated levels would allow for a victory to be assured. This makes attribute shards likewise a key mechanic to the game's levelling system. Each shard increasing a character's specific attributes by certain amounts, and can either be found, rewarded from quests or farmed from particularly dangerous foes. Finding these allows for a character to 'level' beyond their base stats, and without them certain dungeons and enemies would be impossible to defeat.


Eno is a world that is starting to slip into turmoil, starting with the First Enoan Continent. The Mithra islands are plagued with a demonic infection, a rogue technologically advanced organisation conducts horrific experiments, crime families tighten their grip on the less developed areas of the landmass... And throughout it all, a figure of legend long thought defeated pulls the strings of the world's destruction.

But the strings of fate are also in motion, five strangers being brought together by complete chance. Each with their own tales unfolding amid the chaos, the five must develop their friendship to survive more than they could possibly imagine.

It is an organic, natural tale crafted from the real interactions of five different people, their own friendship forged right alongside their characters.

Nations of the First Enoan Continent:

  • Mithra Island Nations of Miqotai
    • Lyrisei
    • M'Rasu
    • Spirama
  • Lapinia
  • Linsallum
  • Volia
  • The Galrion Domain
  • The Confederacy of New Veteya- The Remnants of the Fallen Elvaan Empire
    • The State of Acanamo
    • Old Veteya
    • The State of Latrun
    • The State of Dirge
  • The Mogglearchy of Kumogo

Sapient Species:

  • Human
  • Elvaan
  • Mithra
  • Tarufell
  • Moogles
  • Galka
  • Nu Mou
  • Bangaa
  • Viera
  • Cleyran
  • Tonberry
  • Zilart
  • Dragons

The Gods:

  • Bahamut
  • Leviathan
  • Ifrit
  • Shiva
  • Phoenix
  • Alexander
  • Ramuh
  • Odin
  • Diabolos


Playable Characters:

  • Ni Ethil - A young member of the Elvaan Rangers, an elite group of soldiers from the nation of Old Vetaya, the former capital of the once-mighty Vetayan Empire of old. She has left her home to follow a shade of her past, a past that will reveal this Ranger is no who, or what, she appears to be. She is the first character the player meets and is the de-facto leader of the group.
  • Thanatos Shadowgrasp - The second character introduced to the player, he is a human Dark Knight hailing from the deserts in the south of Volia. He speaks little about his past, and covers up his seething rage with a sense of humour that often gets him into trouble. But this seemingly light-hearted wanderer holds a darkness that could consume everyone in its path...
  • Alicier - The third character introduced, he is a human Paladin from the Galrion Domain and an alumni of the great Academy City of Anomo, this battle mage idly travels seeking ills to cure and monsters to fight. Fate would have home collide with those who required his services the most, and their journeys will take him into the unknown past of his distant mentor...
  • Rocket the Chocobo - The fourth main character introduced, she is a curious black chocobo with magitek augmentations of a very much illegal and immoral design... Oh, and she can talk. This chirpy little bird is happy to follow anyone she considers a friend, and her childlike glee and wonder makes her a favourite of children of all races! It's unfortunate her creators really want her back.
  • Mika Solwin - The final of the five core characters, Mika is a bookish mithra mage hailing from the City of M'Rasu. She has been taught the ways of the White Mage by her mentor, Taam, and is embroiled in the demonic plague that threatens her home. It is here she meets the group, particularly bonding with Ni Ethil with whom she shares her dreams of attending the Academy City of Anomo. And it is here she has aspirations perhaps beyond the white...


Diabolos - The God of Darkness and the main antagonist. He was long thought dead at the hands of the Elder God Bahamut, the great wyrm said to have laid the Lord of Shadow low during the beginning of Eno's history after the traitorous deity murdered several of their peers and attempted to destroy the fledgeling races of the world. Not so dead it seems...

Murasan - A mysterious mithra draped beneath a cloak, concealing his true identity. He claims to be a most loyal servant of Diabolos' will, and yet he appears to be playing a game of his own...

Soraan - A Red Mage adventurer, fallen to corruption as he seeks to spread the foul influence of Demi-Amber, and Diabolos, across the City of M'Rasu. No cost is too great to serve the will of the God of Darkness, and any would-be heroes who seek to interfere with his newfound purpose shall meet his blade.

Deviacorp - A collection of individuals making up a clandestine organisation of scientists operating out of the most advanced nation in the known world: Linsallum. With their country already surpassing all others in the development of near-modern technology through the use of magitek, Deviacorp seeks to maintain the edge as the rest of the world begins to adopt magitek themselves, and are willing to maintain their superiority through any means, no matter how barbaric.

The Vinaldi Family - A crime family run by a bangaa named Tchakal from the southern desert of Volia, the Uzora Desert and the wretched hive that is the City of Kurzitan. They hold the city in their grip, manipulating the local governing body and preventing the rest of the nation from rescuing Kurzitan from its decaying state of crime and debauchery. And it appears they have set their sights on spoils beyond Kurzitan as of late.

Caius Artorial - Thanatos' master and his dark side. He seeks to facilitate Thanatos' vengeance for their family's murder, before wishing to take over his body entirely.

Hades - An entity not so unlike Murasan, a former servant of Diabolos who attempted to gift his master the world in an age long lost to the pages of history. However, with Murasan on the prowl of Diabolos awakening once more, it is unlikely that this ancient servant of darkness is content to remain sealed away for long.

Gabranth - A mysterious knight from another land. An individual who holds great honour and skill in combat, he appears to be coming to the First Enoan Continent for reasons that are strictly personal. He is a stranger to these lands, so what is his interest in Ni Ethil?

Nilzotol - An ancient dragon, one of the Children of Bahamut, that has long been corrupted by amber and bound to the will of Diabolos. He is charged with the corruption of Vetaya, but his antagonistic relationship with Murasan might threaten that...

Secret Characters:

  • Cogmog the Moogle - A moogle with a great interest to the applications and history of magitek. Having stumbled upon a device that may relate to the long-dead God Alexander, he awaits capable adventurers who can help him unlock the secret of the advanced magitek within.
  • Lucas the Disgruntled Red Mage - A travelling Red Mage who quite likes to frequent taverns wherever he goes. Do not ask him to share his meal, or buy a round of drinks, you won't get anywhere with that. However, he will answer any and all questions regarding the place he is currently frequenting. He appears most knowledgeable, if easily irritated.
  • Ponk - Hi, I'm Ponk! Wow! I see you're writing a Wikipedia article about the game! Nice! Oh, am I not meant to be talking to you right now? Come onnnnn, you know how boring the other tonberries are! They're all 'grudge grudge hrrrr' and you are FAR more interesting! Okay, fine, I'll leave you to it. Enjoy!

Temporary Party Members:

  • Kyra - A human dragoon from the Galrion Domain. She spends most of her time seeking contracts to fulfil, often protecting travellers, towns and anything else that monster might try to eat.
  • Fein Ferrow - An elvaan mercenary hailing from Kurzitan. She is a skilled sniper and has the magitek rifle to facilitate her abilities. However, she is caught in a dark place and is serving forces she'd rather not given the choice. But she has no choice, not if she wants 'them' to live.
  • Elizabeth - A heavily scarred human Paladin who has seen great sorrow in her life, twisting a once bubbly girl into a dark shadow of her former self. She might not like you, but she will help if it means getting justice on the beasts that did this to her.
  • Rania Ethil - The elder sister of Ni Ethil and a high ranking member of the Rangers. Her role conflicts with her protectiveness of her baby sister who she, despite never giving her special treatment while on duty, will protect no matter what.

Other Major Characters:

  • Leran Kane - The mithra Lord of M'Rasu.
  • Taam - The nu mou master of Mika Solwin and an experienced white mage.
  • Vanaar - M'Rasu's mithra Captain of the City Guard.
  • Leilan and M'Rissi - Two sisters in a very bad situation.
  • Kelgor - A galka Arch-Blue Mage of the Academy City of Anomo.
  • Athena - Kelgor's human apprentice and Alicier's former roommate.
  • Cid Gaston - A master engineer from Linsallum.
  • Biggs and Wedge - A tarufell and galka, Cid's friends and assistants.
  • Jynri Nabaat - A Deviacorp scientist suspicious of their new 'partner'.
  • Lazarus - A Deviacrop scientist and Rocket's creator.
  • Director Argath - The founder and leader of Deviacorp.
  • Tchakal Vinaldi - The head of the Vinaldi Family.
  • Kelion - Tchakal's second-in-command.
  • Arinzer - Alicier's master and a paladin himself.
  • Vys - A viera watcher from the Ivrion Badlands.
  • Sclala Ethil - Rania and Ni's middle sister and another Ranger.
  • Farron Ethil and Salika Ethil - The parents of Rania and Sclala and Ni's adoptive father and mother.
  • Penara Blackstorm - A zilart woman who haunts Ni in visions.
  • Emma - The product of Penara's mistake and Eralia's misfortune.
  • Lallas - Soraan's adventuring companions and love.
  • Ryol - Lallas' brother.
  • Darrus - One of Soraan's old friends.
  • Mira - One of Soraan's friends who died during one of their adventures.

Other Minor Characters:

  • Luska - A dancer from M'Rasu.
  • Papira - A seamstress from Lolotto.
  • Puk - A tonberry chef.
  • Shantotto - Anomo's Arch-Black Mage.
  • Verious - Anomo's Arch-Red Mage.
  • Elarin Janaro - Anomo's Arch-White Mage.
  • Vuun - Anomo's Arch-Time Mage and headmaster.
  • Vorn - Kelion's personal mage.


See main article: Chronicles of Eno - Story.


The game started development in 2019 in the RPG Maker MV engine. Initially it was just skijarama working on the game, setting the foundations for M'Rasu and the mechanics. Tom117z was then roped into the project, initially parsing for others who could be recruited to assist, assets and also to transcript the dialogue for transferal to the game. In early 2020, upon acquiring the engine himself, tom117z started to take a more active role in development by scripting out certain scenes and buildings maps alongside Skijarama, though he remains the primary developer. A custom soundtrack was to be created initially, a composer brought into the project where the first song, Ni Ethil's theme, started to be constructed. However, due to real-world conflicts the composer had to leave the project, and as such the music of the game is largely composed of tracks from other Final Fantasy titles as well as custom tracks either free to use or have been given permission to be used. Custom art has also been created for the game by both Skijarama and a commissioned artist.


  • 0.1.0 - The initial release of Chapter 1.
  • 0.1.1 - Featured several bug fixes present in the first release.[1]
  • 0.2.0 - The initial release of Chapter 2.
  • 0.2.1 - Bug fixes.
  • O.2.2 - Further fixes.
  • 0.3.0 - The initial release of Chapter 3.


Chapter 1 of the game has thus far been released on Gamejolt (where is has integrated trophies), and It has thus far received over two-hundred downloads and six thousand views, and has been positively received by several users. One jokingly noted that the plot for the first chapter, that being of a plague, was oddly similar to the Covid-19 pandemic coinciding with the release.

Chapter 2 was released in 2021 on Gamejolt, and on This release included the segment of the plotline taking place in Lapinia and included several updates to Chapter 1. This release was followed by two patches fixing various bugs.

Chapter 3 was released in June of 2022.


  • Rather than made from scratch, the story and much of the dialogue is taken from the developers' FFD6 campaign.
  • At the release of Chapter 1: Plague of M'Rasu, the tabletop sessions were still ongoing.
  • Ni Ethil is based on a fan character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. 'Ni Ethil' translates into Little Wing.[2]
  • Rocket the Chocobo has a habit of making bad puns and breaking the fourth wall.
  • The setting takes a lot of inspiration from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, both MMOs.
  • Ni Ethil still doesn't know what Bwah actually means, but neither does she care.


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