Final Fantasy: Chaos is a currently developed RPG Maker VX Ace video game by keeletenebrae.



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"Long ago, a war was waged between the Angels of Heaven and the Demons of Hell for domination over peace. The mortal world only knew fear and was razed with fire, bloodshed, and death...The war lasted for years, but neither side showed signs of victory or change. Until one day, when the lords of Heaven and Hell grew tired of the endless conflict and realized that the ones who suffered the most damage were the people of the mortal realm. So two Crystals were created and placed onto the world. One of Light and one of Darkness. This would be known as the treaty of the Twilight, thus ending the conflict and bringing forth a peaceful era for all. Man has taken his step from the abyss, gaining powers from the Crystals. Strength from the Light and magic from the Dark. Some Angels and Demons chose to stay on the surface to help man repair his home from the devastation. They began to coexist with man kind, growing with them like an older sibling or a guardian. With the Crystals of the world and beacons of Light and Darkness shining and dimming the earth, the world has been at peace for centuries. And with the guidance of the Crystals and the courage of the people, the realm of the world was known to be called as Chaos."
—Official synopsis.

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