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FF7 Comic is a fan-made comic which retells the story of Final Fantasy VII by adding more humour, and cameos of other characters, including different franchises. The Comic is written by Austin "ObstinateMelon" and was started on April 16th, 2010. Currently, it has 376 pages, but that number grows with each week.

List of Cameo Appearances[]

Game Character Page Notes
Final Fantasy II Firion 011
  • When Cloud leaves Aeris, Firion appears and asks her if she sells any Wild Roses.
Final Fantasy III Moogle 089
  • When Hojo talks about breeding Aeris and Red XIII, a moogle is present behind the glass.
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Harvey 405
  • When the Knight reveals the name of the Princess in the Event Square to be Rosa, Cloud frantically tells Cecil that she means nothing to him. A frame shows grumpy Cecil in the audience.
Final Fantasy V Bartz Klauser 069
  • Identified as Butz, Bartz says he's afraid of heights when Cloud tells him to grab Barret when the Sector 7's Plate is about to fall on the Slums.
  • Bartz makes his second cameo when Cloud wins the chocobo race in which he rides on Bartz's chocobo, Boco.
  • Although he doesn't appear physically, Cloud asks if Butz couldn't climb up the rocket in Rocket Town, but Barret denies saying that "they already used his fear-of-heights joke".
Final Fantasy VI Cyan Garamonde 014
  • Cyan arrives to the Sector 7 Slums via the Phantom Train. He appears in his original, 16-bit form.
  • The Ghost arrives to the Sector 7 Slums via the Phantom Train. It appears in its original, 16-bit form.
Sabin Rene Figaro
  • Sabin arrives to the Sector 7 Slums via the Phantom Train. He appears in his original, 16-bit form.
Phantom Train
  • The party arrives at Sector 7 Slums via the Phantom Train.
Ultros 089
  • When Hojo talks about breeding Aeris and Red XIII, Ultros is present behind the glass.
Edgard Roni Figaro 099
  • When the party talks about Sephiroth after Palmer escapes from the Shin-Ra's headquarters, Edgar appears and says that "he'd slit his ma'as throat for a nickel".
Three Stooges 309
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Angeal Hewley 033
  • When Cloud awakens in the Sector 5 Church he sees Aeris and a spirit of Angeal: Angeal demands Cloud to give him back his sword.
Zack Fair 044
  • When Cloud asks Aeris if her previous relationship was a serious one, she denies. Zack's irititated spirit then appears.
Genesis Rhapsodos 133
  • When Sephiroth and Cloud discover presence of Jenova in the Nibelheim Reactor, Sephiroth wanders how we was created. Then Genesis appears and requests to allow him to explain Sephiroth's origins.
  • Genesis is called "Gackt" by Sephiroth.
Final Fantasy VIII Doomtrain 061
  • When Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa end up in Train Graveyard after events in Don Corneo's Mansion, Aeris wonders if this is the pace where trains die and the Doomtrain appears and says that is the place where the party dies.
Rinoa Heartilly 194
  • When Cloud encounters Tifa in her Advent Children outfit in Costa del Sol, Rinoa appears and says that she helped Tifa pick her clothes. Then Cloud attempts to strangle her.
Squall Leonhart 246
  • Squall starts a chocobo race by shooting a bullet from his gunblade.
Final Fantasy X Auron 031
  • Auron appears on the bridge after Airbuster explodes. When Cloud asks him to help him, Auron denies saying that's "his story".
Hypello 152
  • At the banks of the marshes around the Mythril Cave, a Hypello offers a free shoopuf service on the other side of the marshes.
Tidus 179
  • Tidus appears during the Parade at Junon where he is laughing.
Rikku 356
  • Rikku appears in her Final Fantasy X attire during party's search for Yuffie in Wutai, and Cloud mistakens Rikku for Yuffie.
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning 007
  • When Lightning is pushed by Cloud, she worries about her Focus.
  • Barret remarks that Cloud's doppelganger is a female.
Sazh Katzroy
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Aki Ross 018
  • Aki Ross and a soldier appears in a newsflash.
South Park Eric Cartman 018
Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head 067
  • Pyramid Head appears when Reno casts Pyramid on Cloud's head and start to attack blindly. Pyramid Head reprimands him saying that "he's doin' it wrong".
Metal Gear Solid Series Solid Snake 081
  • When sneaking arounf Shin-Ra's headqquarters, Cloud mistakens Solid Snake for Biggs.
Chrono Trigger Frog 089
  • Frog appears in front of the body of President Shinra which is pierced by Sephiroth's Masamune. He says it's to late for Cyrus.
Super Mario Spiny 113
  • Commander #2 uses winged Spiny as "Super Shinra Missile".
Kingdom Hearts Series Xemnas 128
  • When a Camera Man asks about Sephiroth, Cloud says that the Camera Man can take a photo of his, but the Man calls him a "nobody" and Xemnas appears callling it "discrimination".
Star Wars Series Admiral Ackbar 207
Winnie the Pooh Series Eeyore 271
Scooby Doo Shaggy Rogers 359
  • Shaggy appears searching for Yuffie with Cloud and his party refering to his role as the detective in the Scooby-Doo franchise.

List of Non-Character-in-Person and Other Allusions[]

  • On Page 027, an ad for a mobile phone staring Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is present.
  • On Page 038, Reno calls Cloud "son of a submariner": a quote used by the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka Palazzo.
  • On Page 062, Tifa knocks the Doomtrain into the ground and Aeris remarks that she "suplexed a train": Sabin Rene Figaro is able to perform Meteor Strike, originally translated as "Suplex", on the Phantom Train in Final Fantasy VI.
  • On Page 069, terrified people are screaming "Aaaah, the sky is falling!": Gauls considered storms to cause sky falling on their heads.
  • On Page 073, Elmyra says that Aeris's mother called her daughter "Aerith", but she didn't like the name and changed it to "Aeris". This refers to the war among the fans where some call her "Aeris", while others "Aerith".
  • On Page 077, Magitek Armor is mentioned: Magitek Armor originates from Final Fantasy VI.
  • On Page 090, Red XIII is called in one of the text boxes "Clifford the Big Red Dog": there's an animated series called "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" with the title character being a big, red dog called Clifford.
  • On Page 103, Rufus presents pokeball as his means of summoning a Dark Nation: in the Pokemon series, pokeballs are used to tame and hold tamed pokemons. Also, due to Dark Nation's kick-off done by Cloud, the protagonist uses names Interceptor and Angelo when he says none of them will help Rufus.
  • On Page 118, the intro of original Final Fantasy is mimicked.
  • On Page 136, Cloud finds Timber Maniacs, a magazine from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • On Page 157, Edge Geraldine of Final Fantasy IV and Shadow of Final Fantasy VI are mentioned due to the appearance of Yuffie Kisaragi who is a ninja. A Fat Chocobo also from Final Fantasy IV appears and defeats Yuffie.
  • On Page 158, Cloud says "Oh, praise be to Yevon!": in Final Fantasy X, whenever a thought-so Yevon's blessing 'appeared', either Yuna or Wakka said "Praise be to Yevon".
  • On Page 163, Sephiroth's famous impaling of a Midgar Zolom is mimicked by Cloud impaling a Bottomswell.
  • On Page 192, Red XIII says that Cloud "Jecht Shot" his face: Jecht Shot is a unique blitzball technique initially available to Jecht.
  • On Page 213, a popular Final Fantasy VII meme, "Aerith Dies", is present.
  • On Page 223, Magus Brothers are present: they are direct reference to Magus Sisters of Final Fantasy IV.
  • On Page 237, Dyne gives Barret a pendant which Barret incorrectly thinks as a Tycoon's royal pendant; Tycoon is a kingdom in Final Fantasy V.
  • On Page 244, jockeys are playing Triple Triad: Triple Triad is a card game from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • On Page 250, a "Moai Head" appears: moai statues are a common easter egg in Final Fantasy series, first appearing in Final Fantasy IV.
  • On Page 259, Cloud forbids Ramuh saying "You shall not pass.": "You shall not pass" is a famous Gandalf quote from Lord of the Rings series.
  • On Page 278, Lavos from Chrono Trigger and Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI are mentioned.
  • On Page 322, Final Fantasy Wiki is mentioned itself.
  • On Page 331, while Cloud is climbing up the rocket in Rocket Town "Snake Eater" from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 'plays'.
  • On Page 360, Barret accidentally shots a Magic Pot.
  • On Page 364, is mentioned.
  • On Page 365, Jack Frost is mentioned.
  • On Page 368, Barret mentions Jessie, James, and Meowth, the popular trio who is part of Team Rocket whose main goal is capturing rare and powerful Pokémon which would be used in the quest of controlling the world.
  • On Page 404, the script that is handled to Cloud is for the play "Maria & Draco", referencing the popular play from Final Fantasy VI called Opera "Maria and Draco".


  • The first three pages are coloured, but since the release of the fourth the pages are mainly in black-and-white, and rarely coloured frames on individual pages appear.

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