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Ezra Highwind is a non-playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II. She is Zephyr Highwind's elder sister.[1]



Ezra has long brown hair and dark blue eyes. She wears and pink-and-red dress.


Ezra is a kind woman, considerate of others and willing to help.


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Ezra was born 72 years after the Great Cataclysm.

When Ezra was 20, she and Zephyr went to the forest, but the woman went off and Zephyr began his search for her. At the time when he found her, he came when Ezra was tending a white chocobo chick. She told him that they're taking her back home and take care of her as she has lost her mother. Zephyr pretends that he doesn't really go well with birds, but Ezra put on her own and takes Winter, as she had called the white chocobo, with her saying they they will both look after her.

At the age of 26, Ezra was sent off to Darnecles Castle to help fight off the rebels from Berona. The operation succeeded, but she died leaving Winter and Zephyr who promises to keep the chocobo safe.



Ezra is a name of Hebrew origin and means "helper".[2]

"Highwind" is a word commonly associated with dragoons in the Final Fantasy series.


  1. Game's "Information" tab on the official profile on RMN:
    "The game follows the adventures of a young Augurer (specially trained anti-Esper monster summoner) named Zephyr Highwind who is forced to abandon his simple lifestyle of looking after Winter, a white chocobo which belonged to his deceased sister Ezra."