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Crossover World is a short, a 26-minute long animation video made by a YouTube user Chimera. It was released on February 13th, 2014.



Source Title Character Voice Actor
Black Rock Shooter Black Rock Shooter Usachiichan
Devil May Cry Dante TeamWayfinder
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku
Naruto Sasuke Ichiha B. Roman
Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Aussieroth7
Final Fantasy IX Vivi Ornitier


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A black-haired girl with twin ponytails suddenly wakes up in a wasteland during a sunset. Then she hears clashing swords and stands up to follow their source. On a plateau beneath her she notices Sephiroth and Sasuke fighting. Mid battle, Sephiroth cuts Sasuke in half only to reveal to be a mirage, while the real Sasuke stands behind him, accidentally being close to the end of Sephiroth's sword. Sasuke then informs Sephiroth that the girl woke up. Sephiroth reveals to the girl that they are in the afterlife and in confusion the girls says that she doesn't have any memories. Sephiroth says that it's only temporary. Shortly after Sephiroth and Sasuke continue their journey along with the girl. Sephiroth and Sasuke introduce themselves to her and Sephiroth teaches the girl about the lifestream which he says that sent them to "that limbo" and is the only way of there. When the night arrives, they stop for a rest. In the morning, the girl wakes up while Sasuke is asleep and ventures into the land. When climbing mountains, she hears singing which she follows. The closer she gets to the voice, more other sounds she hears. When she arrives she sees a green-haired girl on a hill who when notices her slips and falls from it. The black-haired girl catches her and asks her various questions. The green-haired girl hands over the other girl a hand drawn map which leads to a place where the girl's concert is set to happen. The black-haired girl points to a point on a horizon theorizing the concert is that way and is met with the other girl's smile who also grabs her by her hand and the two of them start walking to that direction. On their way there, the two of them take a break for a lunch and the green-haired girl asks the black-haired girl her name who responds it's "Black Rock Shooter".

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