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This article lists all allusions from CosmoFFolitan Adventure.

Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Final FantasyEdit

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

  • Sephiroth have to explore Wall Market to disguise himself as female and enter Don Corneo's mansion, like Cloud.
  • Zack and Aeris have their own dual-character episode which is the only one in the entire game. It concentrates on how to start business by example of flower selling.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

  • Laguna have leg cramp when meeting girl in Cornelia's Clinic, like he had while approaching Julia.
  • While Laguna is in the Black Magic shop in Cornelia, a storekeeper allows him to learn a black magic spell Fire. When Laguna tries to junction this spell he is fried by it. Then Laguna complains that Junction wasn't invented. Interestingly, storekeeper seems not to be interested what "Junction" is.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

  • Vivi toppled in the beginning of mission in Alexandria. A little girl helped him stand.
  • Play "I Want to be Your Canary" is replaced with contest of the best Final Fantasy male.
  • Vivi tries to register false ticket into contest.
  • Mognet, in more cut version, appears in the game. Successful completing of Mognet sidequest extends game's ending to Good Ending.

Final Fantasy XEdit

  • Yuna during the course of "Date in the Dark" ("Randka w ciemno" in Polish) endlessly repeats she must defeat Sin.
  • Blitzball is mentioned by Tidus during comptetition of the best Final Fantasy male.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit