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Commander Cid Beryl is a temporary playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II. He is the leader of the Augurers and commanding officer to Reiner Ardell and Zephyr Highwind.



Cid is a middle-aged man with disheveled red hair and dark eyes. He wears a blue armor and cape with green ornaments.


Cid can often be excitable and prone to rambling. He often gets into "verbal" debates with his cat, Cait Sith, which results in questionable looks by many people. After seeing Jasmine, Cid is infatuated by her looks and tries to impress her, but with no success due to the woman's lack of interest in the man, although it doesn't bother him and he still tries to ask her for a date.


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Early life[]

A long time resident of Lindblum City, Cid Beryl has always been a military man. Under supervision from Godot and Keren Farabrandt, he was the first resident of Lindblum to become an Augurer. While Cid was said to be a harsh and no-nonsense man prior to allowing Augurer techniques to be engrained into him, he has since become rather abnormal and often rambles at great lengths to his cat or spouts nonsense to anyone who engages him in conversation, rendering them confused by his strange words.

It is theorized that, due to the process one would undergo to become an Augurer not being perfected or refined at the time it was used, Cid's mind may have suffered slightly as a result. Despite this, his ability to lead the Augurers has not suffered and he remains a capable commander.

Blackmoon Prophecy II[]