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Blackmoon Prophecy III is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II currently in development by Daniel Babineau.


Blackmoon Prophecy III takes place several hundred years before the events of Blackmoon Prophecy. Aysha and Ronan Solaris, Kindred descendents of Ramuh, are brought to the Esper World to assist the Espers in saving their world from annihilation while simultaneously saving the life of the very Esper whose blood flows through them. The Solaris siblings, along with their allies, will travel between Gaia and the Esper World as they seek to protect the homeworld of Esperkind, humanity's greatest ally.


Playable characters[]

  • Aysha Solaris. A young Kindred woman from the Lenadian town of Daguero where she resides with her brother, Ronan. Aysha is a calm, measured individual who is content living in Daguero and using her summoning abilities to protect the town from harm. As a Kindred, Aysha is able to summon Espers that damage enemies or inflict status conditions. She shares the role of main character with her brother Ronan.
  • Ronan Solaris. The younger brother of Aysha, who also lives in the Lenadian town of Daguero. His is adventurous and likes to explore the nearby Great Plain of Lenadia. He is generally more carefree than his sister. As a Kindred, Ronan is able to summon Espers that support allies through buffing and healing. He shares the role of main character with his sister Aysha.
  • Zenon.
  • Godot.
  • Aster Daranouve.
  • Moguel.
  • Bayu the Bold.
  • Hilde Pridewind.

Creation and Development[]


On May 26, Babineau announced on the series' Facebook account that he has started a third entry in the series, while dropping "Final Fantasy" from the title as the developer felt "like things are a bit more open in terms of what kind of story [he could] tell without being anchored by Final Fantasy lore and terminology".[1] On May 27, it was announced the game will be using 16-bit era-inspired Time Fantasy graphic style.[2]


On April 13, it was announced that the original storyline and Time Fantasy graphical style were both scrapped due to not turning out as desired.[3] A new storyline was drafted, and graphics shifted from Time Fantasy and back to rips. The new iteration of Blackmoon Prophecy III was then set a few centuries before the first Blackmoon Prophecy and as opposed to two previous games it features a regional world map, Lenadia, and the Esper World, with its own world map.[4]

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