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"I started making re-orchestrations of some Final Fantasy songs as a hobby, soon i had a bunch of them so i decided to create this channel so I can share them with other fans like myself.

This channel is not Final Fantasy exclusive, i dedicate this to every game i've played in my life that deserves a fresh new sound. Many thanks to those who subscribe, comment and like my posts, it's very pleasant to know fans enjoy my works.
—A fragment of "Informations" section from BitSymphony's YouTube account.

BitSymphony is a YouTube user who remasters various tracks, mainly from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, but other games appear as well.

List of Arranged Final Fantasy SoundtracksEdit

Final Fantasy VIEdit

  1. "Figaro Castle"
    Official title: "Edgar & Sabin"
  2. "Searching for Friends"

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

  1. "Weapon Raid"
    Official title: "Attack of the Weapon"
  2. "Forested Temple"
  3. "Fortress of Condor"
    Official title:
  4. ""Holding My Thought In My Heart"
    Official title: "Holding My Thoughts into my Heart"
  5. "Barret's Theme"
  6. "A Secret Sleeping in a Deep Sea"
    Official title: "Secret of the Deep Sea"
  7. "Burried in the Snow"
    Official title: "Buried in Snow"
  8. "Costa Del Sol"
  9. "Oppressed People"
    Official title: "The Oppressed"
  10. "Prelude"
    Official title: "The Prelude"
  11. "Reunion"
  12. "The Nightmare Begins"
  13. "Judgement Day"
  14. "Parochial Town"
    Official title:
  15. "J.E.N.O.V.A."
    Official title: "Jenova"
  16. "Highwind Takes to the Skies"
    Official title: "The Highwind Takes to the Skies"
  17. "Shinra Wages a Full Scale Attack"
    Official title: "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault"
  18. "Jenova Absolute"
    Official title: "JENOVA Absolute"
  19. "Tifa's Theme"
  20. "Still More Fighting"
    Official title: "Fight On!"
  21. "Fighting"
    Official title: "Let the Battles Begin!"
  22. "Birth of a God"
  23. "Flowers Blooming in the Church"
  24. "Underneath the Rotting Pizza"
    Official title: "Under the Rotting Pizza"
  25. "Cosmo Canyon"
  26. "The Great Warrior Seto"
    Official title: "The Great Warrior"
  27. "One Winged Angel"
  28. "Shinra Corporation"
    Official title: "Shinra Company"

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

  1. "The Man with the Machine Gun"
  2. "Fisherman's Horizon"
  3. "Breezy"
  4. "Movin'"
  5. "Don't Be Afraid"
  6. "The Landing"
  7. "The Salt Flats"
  8. "The Stage Is Set"
  9. "Waltz For the Moon"
  10. "Balamb Garden"
    Official title: "Balamb GARDEN"
  11. "Premonition"
  12. "Find Your Way"
  13. "Dancing With Balamb-Fish"
    Official title: "Dance with the Balamb-Fish"
  14. "Silence and Motion"
  15. "Martial Law"
  16. "Blue Fields"
  17. "The Extreme"
  18. "The Legendary Beast"
  19. "Force Your Way"
    There are two remasters of the track.
  20. "Maybe I'm a Lion"
  21. "The Castle"
  22. "Overture"

Final Fantasy IXEdit

  1. "Cid's Theme"
  2. "Esto Gaza"
  3. "Terra"
  4. "Stirring in the Forest"
    Official title: "Danger in the Forest"
  5. "Battle Theme"
    Official title: "Battle 1"
  6. "Daughter of Madain Sari"
    Official title: "Eiko's Theme"
  7. "You're Not Alone"
    Official title: "Not Alone"
  8. "The Memory Place ~ Memoria"
    Official title: "Memoria"
  9. "Airship ~ Hilda Garde"
    Official title: "Aboard the Hilda Garde"
  10. "Gurugu Volcano"
    Official title: "Mount Gulug"
  11. "The Dark Messenger"
    Official title: "The Darkness of Eternity"
  12. "Vivi's Theme"

Final Fantasy XEdit

  1. "Thunder Plains"
  2. "Silence Before The Storm"
    Official title: "Calm Before the Storm"

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