Aeons are summons from Final Fantasy Discovery. There are two ways of summoning Aeons: Ellie Baldesion, who is a summoner, can summon an Aeon infinite amount of times during the battle, and through the usage of Nethicite which allows to summon an Aeon through it once a battle.

List of AeonsEdit

Aeon Ability MP Cost How to obtain Image
Sylph Whispering Wind 32
Titan Gaia's Fury 44
Alexander Divine Judgment 90
Black Hole 90
Carbuncle Ruby Light 36
Madeen Terra Homing
Deal magical damage to all enemies.
Steel Curtain 33
Phantom Ghostly Veil 38
Seraph Angel Feathers 74
Fenrir Howling Moon 70 Discovery - Howling Moon
Magus Sisters Delta Attack 60
Valefor Energy Blast
Deal magical damage to all enemies.
  • ATB ON: Possibility of delaying all enemies' next action.
  • ATB OFF: Possibility of inflicting Slow on all enemies.
Odin Zantetsuken 80 Discovery - Zantetsuken
Leviathan Tsunami 70
Phoenix Flames of Rebirth 90
Bahamut Megaflare 99